Annual service awards

Each year, formal tribute is made acknowledging faculty and staff service (in five-year increments). 2017 marks the 46th annual service award celebration for VCU and VCU Health faculty and staff with five to 55 years of service. Invitations have been e-mailed. Ceremony details are below:

Service Awards Ceremony and Reception
Wednesday, October 4, 2017
3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Stuart C. Siegel Center
1200 West Broad Street

Parking: Employees with VCU parking may use reciprocal parking. Parking will also be available in the Bowe Street deck and parking passes will be available for pick up at the event.

Tranportation: Recipients may ride the existing campus connector or special buses will provide transportation from the MCV Campus to the Seigel Center. Stops will be at McGuire Hall Annex and 3rd and Marshall Streets. Look for the service award signs on the buses.


The 2017 Service Awards List is available in MS excel format, which can be downloaded and sorted  by years of service, department name, or Vice Presidential area.  Please take a close look and report any changes/corrections  to Debbie Fitzgerald (contact information is below).

The 2017 milestone gift will be announced soon.


Service awards eligibility is calculated from award eligible service only and may not reflect an individual's total state service. For example:

  • Any paid service (including hourly service) at VCU and the VCU Health System is included in calculating eligibility for recognition.
  • Service earned at other state agencies/higher education institutions is not included in calculating eligibility for recognition.

Adjunct Service

Adjunct service counts toward service award eligibility. The employing department/dean's office must notify HR of the eligible service of adjunct employees. Contact Debbie Fitzgerald (contact information is below) for more information on calculating adjunct service.

Questions regarding service awards:

  • For the university - contact Debbie Fitzgerald at or call 828-1521
  • For VCU Health - contact or call 628-HR4U (4748) or toll free (844) 989-HR4U (4748).

2017 Milestone Gift

Each year, service award recipients celebrating 25 or more years of service may choose a gift crafted by an artist with a connection to VCU. The 2017 milestone gift is a exquisite glass beverage set crafted by Richmond artist and VCU alumnus, Sean Donlon. The set includes two round glasses and two geometric glasses etched with the VCU seal. Each piece features an opal stone encapsulated in each glass droplet. The milestone gift is on display at the Gateway Building (MCV Campus) and in the Welcome Center of the Lindsey House (Monroe Park Campus).

Service Awards 2017 Milestone Gift