President's Awards for staff and A&P faculty

Each year, the Office of the President honors exceptional members of the VCU community with university-level awards. In 2013, VCU established the President's Awards for Staff and Administrative and Professional (A&P) Faculty. These awards recognize outstanding performance, achievement and service excellence in support of the university's Code of Conduct and Quest for Distinction, the strategic plan. Congratulations to this year's winners! 

Award of Excellence

Polly Cole, VCU Massey Cancer Center

Outstanding Achievement

Angela Flagg, VCU School of Nursing

Outstanding Achievement

Lisa Yamin, VCU Liberal Studies for Early and Elementary Education. Lisa joined us virtually; Kathryn Murphy accepted the award on her behalf.

Service Excellence

Jacqueline Kniska, VCU Audit & Compliance Services

Service Excellence

Denise Lynch, VCU Health, Hospital Administration

Nominees and past winners


2016 Nominees:

Award of Excellence

  • Jennifer Rivers, VCU School of Engineering

Outstanding Achievement

  • Brenda Caine, VCU Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • Daniel Jason, VCU Human Resources
  • Lisa Yamin, VCU Liberal Studies for Early and Elementary Education

Service Excellence

  • Adriene Johnson, VCU Occupational Therapy
  • Delores Armstrong, VCU School of Nursing
  • Geri McInerney, VCU School of Education
  • Karen Monger, VCU Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Kristine Willis, VCU Massey Cancer Center
  • Lucy Hudson, VCU Statistical Sciences and Operations
  • Scott Crenshaw, VCU School of Pharmacy
  • Scott Stech, VCU Community Engagement
  • Tina Braden, VCU Wilder School
  • Tracy Layne, VCU Health Child Care Center
  • Valerie Clem, VCU Financial Aid

2015 Award Winners

President's Award of Excellence
Napoleon Peoples, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Student Affairs

President's Achievement Awards
Amy Taloma
Director of Programs, Division for Health Sciences Diversity

Terrence Walker
Administrative Assistant, University Counseling Services

President's Service Excellence Awards
Thom Didato
Graduate Programs Advisor, English Department

Donald Howe
Senior Contract and Grant Administrator, Office of Research and Innovation


2014 Award Winners

President's Award of Excellence
Brian J. Ohlinger
Associate Vice President
Facilities Management (retired)

President's Outstanding Achievement Award
Nakeina Douglas-Glenn, Ph.D.
Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute

Daphne Long Rankin, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Provost
Strategic Enrollment Management

President's Service Excellence Award
Carmen H. Bell
Coordinator, Personnel and Administration
Division of Student Affairs (retired)

Katherine L. Poarch
VCUHS Strategy and Marketing
Past President, VCU Staff Senate


2013 Award Winners

President's Award of Excellence
Joseph A. Marolla, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Instruction and Student Success

President's Outstanding Achievement Award
Mary Lee C. Magee
Educational Director
Medicine and Population Health

Ingrid A. Mercer
Immigration Advising Coordinator
Global Education Office

President's Service Excellence Award
Ruth M. Trivelpiece
Program Coordinator
Center for Craniofacial Care

India D. Urbach
Administrative Coordinator
College of Humanities and Sciences