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Employee relations and performance management

Guides for classified staff

Classified performance management is a key component of compensation reform for classified employees and is guided by VCU's Classified Salary Administration Plan. Performance is the foundation for all salary increases — poor performers are not eligible for increases and good performers can be rewarded in a variety of ways.

The performance management process is another way to reward good performance, develop employees and address performance concerns. The performance review cycle for classified employees covers a 12-month period (Oct. 25 through the following Oct. 24). Supervisors prepare the work description and performance plans section of the employee work profile (EWP) at the beginning of the evaluation period. Core responsibilities, special assignments and objectives or competencies are identified and performance measures are developed for each. The plan must be discussed with and signed by the employee to ensure he or she has read and understands the supervisor's expectations.

Toward the end of the review period, the supervisor evaluates an employee's job performance and determines an overall performance level rating. The performance and employee development results are documented using the performance evaluation section of the EWP.

Several appeal options are available to an employee who disagrees with the contents of his/her performance evaluation.


For more information and confidential assistance, contact Employee Relations at The Employee Relations specialist can provide assistance in developing the performance plan and conducting the performance evaluation, as well as provide guidance on re-evaluating the unsatisfactory performer. Our staff is also available to consult with departments and to help develop a system customized to meet their needs.

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