Recent placements



Katy Washington

Chief Accessibility Officer, serving as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)/Section 504 Coordinator, Office of Institutional Equity, Effectiveness, and Success

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Aaron Hart
Vice president for student affairs, Division of Student Affairs

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Aaron Hart

Chelyen Davis
Executive director of executive communications, Office of the President

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Chelyn Davis

James Romanik
Director of development, School of Social Work

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James Romanik

Karl Saimre
Director of real estate, Capital Asset and Real Estate

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Karl Saimre


Kevin Best
Associate vice president, University Relations

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Headshot of Associate Vice President for the University Relations

Camille Burnett, Ph.D.
Associate vice president of education and health equity; executive associate director, Institute for Inclusion, Inquiry and Innovation 

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Stephanie Ganser
Director of the adult learner experience, Office of the Provost

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Headshot of Director of the Adult Learner Experience

Suzanne Milton
Chief ethics and compliance officer, Audit and Compliance Services

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Suzanne Milton

Krista Scott
Associate dean for undergraduate programs, College of Humanities and Sciences

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Kristin Smith
Director of enrollment research and evaluation, Strategic Enrollment Management

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Leslee Gensinger
Learning and development manager, Human Resources

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Jeff Kidd
Assistant vice president, Capital Assets and Real Estate

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Assistant Vice President for VCU Capital Assets and Real Estate

Cleo Magwaro, LL.B, LL.M
Associate vice president of institutional equity; interim ADA coordinator, Institutional Equity and Success

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Headshot of Assistant Vice President for Institutional Equity and Success

Marianne Vermeer
Chief financial and administrative officer, Medicines for All Institute 

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Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, Medicines for All Institute


William Nelson
Executive director of academic finance and administration, Office of the Provost

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Headshot of Executive Director of Academic Finance and Administration