Executive search team services

VCU’s Executive Search Team is an internal executive search group comprised of a team of recruiting and search associates dedicated to identifying and attracting exceptional leaders to Virginia Commonwealth University. We will support your executive and leadership staff searches in a myriad of ways to help you find exceptional talent for VCU.  Please find a high level overview of the support we can provide:

 Search preparation

  • Conduct in-depth meetings with key stakeholders to expand our understanding of the position  and the qualities of the ideal candidate to ensure the best long-term fit.
  • Assist in the development of a position description, advertisement, and prospectus/ leadership profile 
  • Facilitate mapping out the full search search process and an overall timeline
  • Help to identify and invite search committee

 Schedule and support initial meetings

  • Plan for and support search chair in preparing for and leading all search committee meetings
  • Provide clear and organized search materials (position description, timeline, confidentiality statement, etc.) to the search chair and committee
  • Convey expectations for the search, including roles and responsibilities, confidentiality, etc.

 Targeted outreach and screening

  • Serve as the primary interface for prospective and active applicants
  • Source candidates: Research positions; build pools; contact sourced candidates and referrals
  • Conduct pre-screening interviews with candidates meeting minimum qualifications

 Candidate review and selection

  • After conducting an initial screening, help lead the committee in determining which applicants advance 
  • Provide search committee with detailed information on qualified candidates


  • Screening interviews: Lead the development of interview questions and evaluation tools; Schedule and lead interviews
  • On-campus interviews: Work with search chair and hiring authority to identify stakeholders that candidates need to meet during on-site interviews, create presentation topics, etc. Create itineraries and assist with such logistics as VCU room arrangements; hotels; air; candidate escort, etc. 

Search conclusion

  • Provide all stakeholders involved in search with a feedback form, provide hiring manager with results
  • Notify non-selected candidates
  • Help facilitate communication to announce the hire