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Phased return to campus – guidelines for staff and supervisors

This information provides direction for staff and supervisors to work together on a phased return to on-campus work as well as options to provide continued flexibility to staff through flexible work arrangements.

With COVID-19 cases on the decline and vaccinations on the rise, it is time to consider what VCU’s on-campus living, learning and working experience will look like in the future. In April, VCU announced the intention to provide a robust and engaged on-campus experience this fall, which means more in-person classes and a flexible approach to working on-campus for many VCU staff members. These guidelines do not apply to faculty unless faculty supervise staff.

With input from VCU’s recent employee survey, VCU Human Resources developed the following guidelines for a phased and flexible transition to support the in-person student and patient experience this fall. These guidelines are designed to support managers and university staff working together to best meet the needs of the university and its employees.

Guiding principles 

  • Safety: Safely execute the university mission and follow the guidance of health and safety experts.   
  • Student experience: Provide an engaging on-campus living and learning experience that illustrates how being Responsible Together allows us to be Better Together
  • Patient experience: Robustly support VCU Health in our mission to preserve and restore health for all.
  • Equity and inclusion: Flexible work arrangements will be grounded in the nature of roles and operational needs; we remain committed to equity and consistency in implementation for all employees.
  • Balance: Successfully execute the university mission as well as prioritize the work/life balance needs of our workforce; be flexible to address new situations and changes in requirements, guidelines and best practices.
  • Transparent communication: Listen to employee feedback and provide timely information to afford employees adequate time to prepare for changes. 

Flexible work arrangements

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