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In a world of common, we are the uncommon. See how the career development opportunities at VCU are unlike anywhere else.

As an institution of higher education, lifelong learning is an integral part of VCU’s core values. As such, the university is committed to offering learning opportunities for employees to improve current job effectiveness, to prepare for career advancement, and to enhance personal career development. VCU expects all employees to participate in some form of career development on a regular and ongoing basis to sustain, enhance, and improve their skills and competencies.

To support employees in realizing their full potential, managers are expected to facilitate their employees’ pursuit of career interests, adopt practices that promote career development throughout their area, and allow employee participation in appropriate opportunities for learning and growth. Employees are expected to identify and actively participate in their own career development opportunities and work with their manager to track their progression. 

All of the accompanying resources can be found on the HR Career Development intranet, Go to the "Staff HR" tab, click on "career development," then "career development planning."

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VCU employees are invited to use the job summary tool to view VCU job information, market salary ranges and comparison data for other positions. 

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