Compensation (Pay)

Compensation policies, practices and guidelines help determine pay and career development opportunities for the faculty and staff who support Virginia Commonwealth University’s teaching, research, patient care and public service activities. As a public research university, VCU uses compensation models that are unique to these diverse groups of faculty and staff. Compensation is based on market ranges. 

Employee classification and salary ranges

Job summary tool
VCU employees are invited to use the job summary tool to view VCU job information, market salary ranges and comparison data for other positions. 

Faculty compensation
VCU establishes faculty positions through the VCU Provost's Office of Faculty AffairsFaculty salary administration guidelines are available on the provost’s office website and at The VCU Board of Visitors approves final salaries upon the recommendation of the university president.

Compensation for nonemployees
Payments to independent contractors or other nonemployees is handled through the VCU Office of Procurement Services