Counseling referrals

All types of work- and non-work-related problems can impact job performance. Often, managers are reluctant to intervene in personal issues that impact the workplace. Employee Relations’ staff are available to address these issues in a thoughtful and confidential manner. Staff can assist managers in determining if a problem exists and in developing an appropriate course of action for each individual situation. They also can help identify VCU and community professionals who are trained in providing assistance and conducting formal interventions when needed.

VCU employees enrolled in the state health benefits plan also have access to mental health and substance abuse counseling through the Commonwealth of Virginia's Employee Assistance Program. University Counseling Services also provides education, treatment and self-help information for alcohol and other drug-related problems.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact VCU Employee Relations at or (804) 828-1510.

Education and training

Human Resources can help identify VCU and community professionals to provide education and training on many workplace topics, including stress reduction, threat assessment and violence prevention, substance abuse prevention, recognition and treatment options. VCU offers the following online policies and resources regarding alcohol and drug abuse:

Resources for faculty in the classroom

University Counseling Services provides faculty with specialized resources to address students in distress due to substance abuse or other problems. Information also is available on education, treatment and self-help for alcohol and other drug problems.