Work locations for VCU employees

State regulations require employers to determine where their employees are physically located while performing their work in order to ensure that the university is in compliance with tax, unemployment and employment laws tied to each state.


Permanent address: The permanent address location is the employee's mailing address for W2, benefits and other official VCU communication. For most employees, this will be their home address.

Work address: The work address is the primary location where VCU has assigned the employee to perform their daily work. If the employee is fully remote, the work address is the address where the employee works each day.

Current physical location: Current physical location refers to where the employee is physically located when performing job-related duties. The current physical location may or may not be the same as the employee's permanent address.

  • For example: If the employee is physically located in Virginia, then the physical location would be the Virginia address where the employee is located and performing work duties. Or, maybe you’re usually located in Virginia, but this year you’re working remotely at a residence in Maryland. The Maryland address will be your current physical location.
  • If you are working remotely part of the week, this address refers to your remote work location.


Employees will receive a quarterly email requesting review, confirmation, and/or update of their addresses. VCU Human Resources has designed a quick and efficient review and update process that will only take a few minutes to complete.