Staff survey town hall meeting for VCU managers – June 23, 2022

VCU HR hosted an online town hall meeting on June 23 at 10 a.m. for VCU managers to preview the results of the recent staff survey. The survey was conducted in April 2022 and gathered information about which elements of the work experience are most important to employees at this time. 

Review the PDF survey results

Staff focus group meetings with employees 25-30 years old with 1-3 years of Experience – September 15, 2022 (Session one) and September 19, 2022 (Session two)

VCU HR hosted two online focus group meetings with targeted VCU Staff 25-30 years old with 1-3 years of experience.  The sessions were held in response to the staff survey in April and high turnover rates among this specific demographic.  Staff participated in small breakout groups with one primary facilitator and responded to 8 directed questions.  The facilitators provided a short debrief on the overall themes in combined group session.

Review the PDF focus group results.




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