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: I'm Emily Grandinetta, CEO of The Grandinetta Group, seasoned executive and accomplished leadership coach specialized in developing leaders and their teams. My company of coaches helps organizations optimize employee performance and engagement. I work with organizations across industries, to bring the power of coaching to employees and teams. It is my favorite thing to do, and I have been fortunate to help many, many people meet their goals. Now I want to make access to high impact content and coaching available to everyone. With years of experience and education, my ninja skill is helping people achieve personally and professionally by increasing self-awareness and taking action in their lives. Together with a few select colleagues who make up the Grandinetta Group, I offer practical techniques that are relevant and easy to apply in one's own life.

Pricing: Varies by firm and based on contracted rates, scope and length of agreement. Detailed pricing will be available in the VCU Procurement system.

Turnaround time: The coach typically contacts potential clients about 24-48 hours after the initial request is submitted. 




Email: info@grandinetta.com

Phone: (703) 927-6152


Emily Grandinetta Grandinetta Group