Dr. Zayd Abdul-Karim

Universal Self-Leadership Institute

Hear it from the coach
A shared purpose of Universal Self-Leadership Institute is to empower individuals and teams through high-impact learning and coaching. Our coaches are proven in both high- and low- performance situations, from C-Suite to individual contributors. Team development is a specialty of ours, from diagnosing issues to creating and implementing solutions. We are known for helping teams maximize opportunities and work through challenges. We believe that through self-awareness comes choice and a sense of control over one’s experience, regardless of circumstance.

Pricing: Varies by firm and based on contracted rates, scope and length of agreement. Detailed pricing will be available in the VCU Procurement system.

Turnaround time: The coach typically contacts potential clients about 24-48 hours after the initial request is submitted. 



Email: universalselfleadership@gmail.com  

Phone: (703) 927-6152


Zayd Universal Self Leadership coach