Staff Survey results

Two-minute survey for VCU staff 

VCU HR conducted a two-minute survey in December 2022 with all salaried staff.  The feedback aims to facilitate meaningful discussions with staff regarding employee engagement, cultivating an inclusive culture of care and appreciation, and supporting a climate that encourages critical thinking, innovation, compassion, collaboration and continuous learning. 

Review the Survey Results (PDF)

Staff & manager events 

Staff survey town hall meeting for VCU managers – June 23, 2022

VCU HR hosted an online town hall meeting on June 23 at 10 a.m. for VCU managers to preview the results of the recent staff survey. The survey was conducted in April 2022 and gathered information about which elements of the work experience are most important to employees at this time. 

Review the survey results (PDF)

Staff focus group meetings with employees 25-30 years old with 1-3 years of Experience – September 15, 2022 (Session one) and September 19, 2022 (Session two)

VCU HR hosted two online focus group meetings with targeted VCU Staff 25-30 years old with 1-3 years of experience.  The sessions were held in response to the staff survey in April and high turnover rates among this specific demographic.  Staff participated in small breakout groups with one primary facilitator and responded to 8 directed questions.  The facilitators provided a short debrief on the overall themes in combined group session.

Review the focus group results (PDF)


VCU staff two-minute survey report Final.pdf

Aligned with national trends, in CY 2021, staff turnover spiked at 16.4%, a 34% increase over 2018 turnover, and significantly greater than our normal turnover which hovers around 12%. VCU HR conducted this survey in order to learn which elements in the employment relationship are most important to our employees at this point in time. Understanding the drivers of employee retention is mission-critical, given the significant emphasis on retention and engagement of a diverse workforce in the VCU Quest 2028 plan, which directly impacts the ability to achieve all other strategic goals.

The survey was sent to all VCU staff and received 1772 responses with a 48.36% overall response rate. Cabinet leaders and faculty were not included in the survey distribution list.  The survey asked employees to rate 15 employment factors on a satisfaction scale of 1 to 5, and then to select the top 4 factors that are most important to their decision to stay employed at VCU. 


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