Classified staff leave

Classified staff who work 50 percent or more of the pay period accrue leave at the end of each semi-monthly pay period in proportion to the number of hours they work. Employees earn leave before using it and, when possible, request approval in advance to use it. Employees support the institution’s timekeeping process by:

  • Submitting approved leave requests promptly to their timekeepers
  • Reviewing their leave advice statements on eServices/VCU Self Service every pay period for accuracy
  • Resolving leave discrepancies promptly with their timekeepers 
  • Classified employees hired or rehired to the state on and after 7/1/1999 should refer to the Virginia Sickness and Disability plan for sick leave.

Types of leave

Annual leave
Traditional Sick Leave Program (TSLP)
Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP)
Personal and family leave
Parental leave
Impact of status change on annual leave and sick leave
Administrative leave
Bone marrow and organ donor (BMOD) leave
Community service leave (CSL)*
Educational leave
Leave sharing