Classified staff leave carry over update

Updated: 12/7/21

Classified staff who have been unable to use leave in 2021 due to assigned COVID-19 response activities for the university or due to maintaining the continuity of university operations may request that their annual leave carry over into 2022. Classified employees who have elected not to use their leave out of personal preference are not eligible for leave carryover. In addition, sick and personal leave amounts are not subject to any carryover.

Leave carryover approvals should be accompanied by a leave usage plan mapped by the employee and supervisor for the following leave year. This additional leave carryover is not subject to any payout and must be used before March 31, 2022. Classified employees who meet this criteria are asked to complete the Classified Leave Carry Over Attestation form in DocuSign. Classified employees who meet this criteria are asked to request the Classified Leave Carryover Attestation form from their supervisor or HR professional.