Requesting leave

University leave requires managerial approval and may be granted or denied at the discretion of the manager. Employees must request leave through their time and attendance system (typically VCU RealTime) and should do so with as much advance notice as possible, in order to allow sufficient time for managers to plan accordingly.

Changing conditions in the workplace environment (for example, the pressures of a particular project or priority, or understaffing because of illness or vacancies in the workplace) may impact managers’ approval of leave. If there are designated periods in the year in which leave will not be granted (due to a high volume of work, for example), managers should notify employees of these occasions well in advance of when they occur.

Managers are strongly advised to document the reasons for leave requests that are denied and to maintain such documentation in their time and attendance system (typically VCU RealTime). If requests for leave come from multiple employees for the same leave period and cannot all be granted, managers should consider the reasons for the requests, whether any of the employees recently had the opportunity to take leave, years of service, etc.