Leadership coaching connection

Leadership coaching services are an important part of the professional development experience for leaders at all organizational levels.  

Leveraging the power of small, women and minority owned businesses (SWaM), the Learning, Development and Organizational Culture (LDOC) team has vetted a select group of leadership coaches at SWaM-certified external coaching firms to provide their valuable services to VCU employees. An internal VCU offering is listed as well. Criteria for selection of coaching organizations included an ability for coaches to be on-site, experienced and have the skills and capacity to work with all levels of leadership, including executives.

Getting started with a coach

Step 1: Determine if coaching is right for you

  • Learn about the process
  • Consult with your HR Professional

Step 2: Confirm availability of departmental resources for payment

  • Begin discussion with your manager, who may need to confer with school/unit financial team
  • Secure and finalize budget

Step 3: Choose a coach

  • Review coach profiles to determine which coaching firm may suit the needs of the individual or group; confer with your manager
  • Decide on one or more coaching firms to contact

Step 4: Begin procurement process

  • Representative of the school/unit  contacts the selected coaching firm(s) and reviews coaching methodology, outlines of coaching sessions, frequency of engagement, pricing, etc.
  • Coaching firm provides scope of work document and quote to school/unit representative

Step 5: Fiscal administrators complete the procurement process

    • Create a requisition in RealSouce
      • If less than 10K, approve at department level
      • If more than 10K, requisition goes to Procurement
      • Once the coaching engagement is complete, the vendor will invoice VCU
    • Vendor may invoice session by session (declining balance PO)
    • Paying all at once at the end is a normal requisition