Cascading goals

What are cascading goals?
Cascading goals are a way of planning our work with the strategic priorities of the university in mind. By developing goals that "cascade" from the university's strategic mission and vision, down through department/unit goals, and finally to each employee, we can connect our everyday work with a larger mission and purpose.  

What’s new?
Starting with this year's performance evaluation cycle (October 2016 to October 2017), managers and employees will work together to practice developing cascading goals, which provide a direct line of sight from our everyday work to the university’s strategic mission and vision. The goals you develop will be used to measure performance for the upcoming year and will eventually support a merit-based compensation system, where employee increases are based on their level of performance. VCU has purchased software which will formalize this process for the following year. Setting cascading goals this year will ease the transition next year.

How will it work?
Many VCU schools and departments are already using the performance management process to connect their daily work with VCU’s strategic priorities. For others, this is a new process. For classified staff, cascading goals can be incorporated into the Employee Work Profile (EWP) for next year. Implementation of cascading goals will vary for A&P faculty evaluations. For areas that currently use a goal-based process for evaluating A&P faculty, incorporating cascading goals is easy.  For those that do not, the sample form below can help you develop cascading goals.

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Cascading goals resource guide (PDF)