Performance management

Performance management at VCU begins with establishing clear goals that cascade from the university’s strategic priorities to the school/department level, and eventually to your individual goals. The intention is to provide a direct line of sight from your everyday duties to the university’s mission and vision, keep you informed about changing department goals, and ensure your good work is recognized. Setting goals at the start of the year, reviewing progress mid-year, engaging in on-going discussions, and providing meaningful feedback during year-end evaluations are core components of VCU’s performance management process.

VCU uses Talent@VCU to support the performance management process, software that helps managers and employees work together to set goals and monitor progress throughout the year.

Your role in performance management
All University and Academic Professionals and Classified staff participate in the university’s performance management process. The successful implementation of the performance management process requires engagement of employees, managers, university leadership and human resources staff. Employees are expected to work collaboratively with their managers to set goals for the year, identify career development opportunities, clarify expectations regarding job performance, and fully participate in performance discussions and reviews.

Guidelines and user guides
For assistance accessing these guidelines, please contact VCU Human Resources. Current employees can also log into for details.

Performance management guidelines

Performance management goals template

Talent@VCU introduction and how to enter goals instructions

Talent@VCU align and approve instructions

VCU Core and Leadership Competencies

Career development planning form

Talent@VCU video tutorials

Performance management process:

Goal setting
Mid-year review
Annual review