2015 recognitions


  • Mia Williams, 12/15/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Pamela Duffus
    We had an employee with health issues in need of parking assistance. Ms. Williams acted quickly and professionally to devise a much-needed resolution. Thank you!
  • Lydia Nichols, 12/14/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Karen Fields
    Lydia is being recognized because her quick turnaround time in meeting requests is only surpassed by her positive attitude while doing so. She exemplifies the Respect and Responsive compass points.
  • Jeanne Salyer, 11/30/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Sean Convoy
    As a senior faculty member, Dr Salyer has her hands in many critical (and commonly time sensitive) functions within the School of Nursing. Notwithstanding these extraordinary demands, she has volunteered her time to function as a mentor to me. Therein, she has dedicated several hours sitting in my classes, reviewing my Blackboard environment, and (most importantly) providing me valuable feedback and sage counsel. I don't suspect I will be able to repay her time and effort she has given but promise to pay it forward.
  • LaTina Pitts, 11/4/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Terisa Smith
    LaTina stepped up and solved my problem when Buddy (our building manager) was out of the office. Thank you for taking the initiative to step up and make it happen, you are a true team player. Thank you for making the SON a better place to work and learn!!
  • Jamaal Ellis, 11/4/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Terisa Smith
    Jamaal was a true team player today, responding to an urgent clean-up situation that was above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you Jamaal!!
  • Thomas Brunner, 11/4/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Terisa Smith
    Tom responded to an urgent clean-up situation in the Clinical Learning Center today that was above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you for being a team player Tom!!
  • Marisa Taylor, 10/29/2015 – Respect – Nominated by Terisa Smith
    Thank you Marisa for always being so supportive and encouraging, you make me a better person. Thank you for all that you do to make the entire SON a better place to live, work, and learn.
  • Austin Higgs, 10/1/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Shannon Cribbs
    Austin was an incredible help to me in facilitating a retreat. He showed initiative by doing research prior to the retreat in order to be well prepared to jump in and help the group with their work. Throughout the day, he was his usual supportive self, but in addition to being of support, he asked great questions and contributed very helpful suggestions for improving the next retreat.
  • Shakeela Noori, 10/28/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Kate Mastruserio Reynolds
    Shakeela goes far and beyond the expectations of her position here at VCU. She stretches and grows to learn new information and become increasingly vital to the ELP operation. She makes sure that our office is well run, organized and professional. She does all this with warmth, friendliness and humility.
  • Evelyn Hinant, 10/12/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Brenda Mowen
    Evelyn is instrumental in keeping prime contractors on track in reporting small, minority and women owned business subcontracting (SWaM) payments in an accurate and timely manner. Because of Evelyn's tenacity and grit, VCU FMD has been able to consistently report high SWaM subcontracting numbers, which have greatly contributed to VCU's ability to meet the Governor's overall 42% annual SWaM Goal. Thank you, Evelyn!
  • Danielle Hairston, 10/22/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Terri Dickerson
    Since Danielle has been hired as Faculty Recruitment Administrator, she has gone above and beyond to assist and support the School of Education (SOE) in our recruitment efforts. At my request, she visited Oliver Hall to provide specialized eJobs training to a large group of individuals- comprised of Department Chairs, Search Chairs and support staff. She works collaboratively with me behind the scenes to resolve issues and has served as a knowledgeable thought partner. No matter how hairy the situation, I am greeted with an energetic and cheerful Danielle each and every time I call. I had to write this to let Danielle know how much SOE and SOE HR appreciates her.
  • Shavonda Gravely, 10/16/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Anne Brooks
    Shavonda is always prompt on responses and if she in unable to answer your question she will strive to resolve the issue. She always has a smile that you can hear in her voice. She is a diligent and dedicated VCU employee who always goes the extra mile to see that all grants information is complete, accurate and processed in a timely matter. It is a pleasure to work with such a wonderful lady.
  • Julia Rhodes, 10/7/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Chuck Harrell
    I recently had the pleasure of working with Julia Rhodes for my American Cancer Society grant application submission. Julia was incredibly responsive, efficient, and professional in all of our interactions. Her assistance with this grant submission made everything run smoothly and her efforts allowed me to continue running experiments while the paperwork was being reviewed and submitted. I am hoping to work with her more in the future, THANKS Julia!
  • Rodney Steppe, 9/15/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Mark Roberts
    During an uncommon period of personnel changes due to retirement, transfers, or other staff departure, Rodney was always responsive to meet the various needs of my department. Whether it was reviewing EWP changes, advertising positions, updating a eJobs applicant status, or just providing immediate advice, Rodney provided guidance or teamed with other HR staff to take the needed action. Thank you Rodney for always being "Responsive".
  • Priscilla Wiggin, 10/14/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by James Wasilewski
    Over the past fiscal year Priscilla has continually succeeded with each task, project and program in which she is involved. She lives the mission of Massey Cancer Center and represents MCC highly in our community and with our donors with whom she interacts on a daily basis. She offers so much, and our successful journey to raise money for cancer research will continue this year.
  • Barry Lanneau, 10/6/2015 – Respect – Nominated by Sandra Mazzoli
    Barry is assisting me with ImageNow and WebNow software as the primary tool for Departmental review of admissions documents. He is patient, friendly, and above all, respectful of the School of Education faculty and staff as we learn this software and all it can do. Barry is, in a word, awesome!
  • Buddy Weston, 10/6/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Terisa Smith
    Buddy is awesome and continuously goes above and beyond the call of duty. We needed to have 6 total GYN lamps for NURS 631 in the CLC for GYN visits with standardized patients. When we discovered that one of the lights wasn't working, Buddy just happened to be passing by and came in to help. He took the light apart, tried to fix it, but didn't have all of the tools/supplies required to diagnose the problem. He retrieved the tools and Buddy not only diagnosed the problem but he along with Jamaal were able to find additional parts around the SON to fix it just in time for us to use it this afternoon. I personally thanked Buddy, but wanted to make sure that everyone was reminded of what a great asset he is to the SON!!
  • Daniel Jason, 9/18/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Julia Kaziewicz
    I emailed VCU Benefits about several retirement plan questions. Daniel Jason answered me quickly and suggested I call him. I called and he answered immediately. Daniel gave me very thorough and clear answers to my questions. He was patient with me as I asked several follow up questions. After we hung up I felt confident about my benefits. I then realized I had another question and called Daniel back. Again, he listened well, answered my questions clearly, and was very easy to talk to. Daniel made the maze of benefits navigable for me. HE IS THE BEST.
  • Susan Hall, 9/16/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Amy Adkins
    I wandered into Susan's office after trying to locate a faculty member in Snead for over half an hour. Susan dropped everything she was doing and looked up the individual (who was not even in her department), gave me directions and explained how best to leave my material for the individual. Her kindness and responsiveness is one of the things that make VCU such a great place to work. Thank you!!
  • George Kelly, 8/31/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Pamela Radwani
    George is always willing to help with any questions or needs of the Division of Student Affairs. He jumps in to help us in difficult situations and resolve procurement/payment issues.
  • Diane Rector, 8/17/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Kawana Pace-Harding
    Diane is always responsive to the HR Employee Relations team. She is not only our administrative assistant, building manager and traffic adviser, she is also our equipment technician. Whenever our printer is jammed or stops functioning, Diane comes to the rescue with her toolkit in hand. She has the uncanny ability, skill and patience to "operate" on our printer and, as a result, the maintenance technician is called infrequently. Thank you, Diane! You are a valuable resource and we greatly appreciate your expertise in maintaining the equipment we use and for your willingness to assist whenever you are called.
  • Elizabeth Miles, 8/18/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Kayla Watts
    Elizabeth was able to comply with my last minute request to have our orientation Echo recorded. I truly appreciate her help in this matter and do not want it to go unrecognized. Thank you for saving me, Elizabeth!
  • JaBari Scott, 8/14/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Pam Wiegardt
    JaBari Scott has gone way above and beyond customer service excellence in assisting me with some Blackboard issues over the past year. He came through again last week. JaBari not only solves problems, he connects with me to talk me through solutions while on Blackboard. He offered to talk me through a set up last week to ensure access, as there were some issues last semester. He has even dialed into my class to ensure that real time issues have been resolved. He has been impressively responsive and is a super communicator, never making me feel like my questions/problems are ridiculous. Thanks, JaBari. Your help is appreciated more than you could know.
  • Jacqueline Glover, 8/18/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Cherylann Rocha
    I could choose all three of the compass point selections; initiative, integrity, respect, and responsiveness for Ms. Glover. I can always rely on Jackie to not only assist me with any question I present her with, but she is always willing to guide/teach me during the process. I greatly appreciate her assistance and willingness to always offer help above and beyond what I request.
  • Claudia C Street, 8/11/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Reggie Brown
    Ms. Street's responsiveness to all requests is admirable, she approaches all tasks with a positive attitude and believes no task is too big or too small. Her dedication to maintaining the presentation of Oliver Hall, as well as other areas of the University should be noted, as she has repeatedly shown what a tremendous asset she is to the University.
  • Arielle Rose, 8/5/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Tina Braden
    Arielle to the rescue as I had an individual that couldn't complete the I-9 form and was frustrated. I tried to talk the individual through the process and wasn't meeting the individual's needs. I spoke with Arielle and explained the situation. After I tried to get the individual through the process again and was having the same issues, Arielle spoke with the individual and the process was completed. Arielle was responsive to my needs as well as the individual completing the form. Thank you so much.
  • Patricia Shazer, 7/1/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Margaret Goslin
    I would like to recognize Patricia Shazer for her continued eVA support. When I assumed our office's fiscal responsibilities she was always accessible to answer questions I had, help solve quirks that were seemingly unexplainable, and spend time with me during the in-person training sessions to help me understand the why and how of it, not just 'point and click.' I cannot imagine being successful in this role without her.
  • Reginald Gray, 6/16/2015 – Respect – Nominated by Danise Harmon
    Outstanding customer service provided to our group from June 16th through June 25th, 2015. The VCU Center for Sport Leadership hosted visiting coaches from South Africa for this two week period. Reggie was responsible for providing daily transportation from a selected site to VCU roundtrip daily. On several of the days we had to deviate from the initial itinerary and Reggie was very attentive to our needs with professionalism and genuine kindness. The coaches loved spending time with him and looked forward to greeting him each morning.
  • Miriam Foster, 6/16/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Danise Harmon
    For outstanding customer service provided to me in arranging RamCharter services for the period of June 15th through June 26, 2015. The VCU Center for Sport Leadership hosted visiting coaches from South Africa for this two week period. Miriam assisted me in arranging our transportation needs for the period mentioned. Charter services were needed for Washington, DC, Richmond city, and the surrounding counties. Due to many changes we experienced because of international flights and other logistics, Miriam was very attentive to the charter scheduling and very patient with the numerous changes that occurred. I thank her for her immediate response and professionalism.
  • Elizabeth Miles, 7/21/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Sean Convoy
    I had difficulty importing an old course into a new course on Blackboard. As a teacher of teachers, Elizabeth didn't just fix the problem. Rather, she demonstrated remarkable patience walking me through the process. The rate of change with technology is so fast that resources like Elizabeth's are critical. Please don't ever reduce funding for IT as the School of Nursing would not do well without them.
  • Jamie Ferguson, 7/16/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Sean Convoy
    Jamie's contributions to the School of Nursing have progressively increased since my arrival in 2014. I suspect the workload she currently carries belies her formal position description. Working with her on MPC and the DNP Implementation Task Force, she has found a way to "corral the cats" in an assertive yet very collaborative way. Whatever success is garnered in the months to come with accreditation will in no small part be due to Jamie's yeoman's effort.
  • Kayla Watts, 7/21/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Sean Convoy
    The PMHNP concentration was thrown several curve balls over the past two weeks when established preceptors opted out of taking students for the fall. We are still trying to work through the problem. That being said, if this problem can be fixed, it will be principally due to Kayla's efforts. What Kayla has and continues to do within the School of Nursing is INVALUABLE. Absent any hyperbole, without her my concentration would not be able to meet its mission. Both quantitatively and qualitatively, I suspect what Kayla is doing is well beyond her formal position description.
  • Margaret Rigsbee, 6/19/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Kimberly Pedersen
    Margie went above and beyond when helping my co-workers and me gain access to our SQL server space. We all had limited experience with the software and needed to prep for a meeting. Margie worked with us beyond her normal work hours, contacted people for us to help us along and then followed up to make sure we were okay and our meeting went well. She was awesome!
  • Tamara Ingram, 7/1/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Mark Roberts
    On short notice and due to the Grants and Contracts Accounting Office Manager having to be away from the office for multiple pay periods, Tamara offered to handle the timekeeping while she is out. This additional responsibility involves data entry/recordkeeping for 40 additional staff on top of her existing timekeeping responsibility for Treasury Services, or other areas in our division. Tamara has effectively communicated with me when she had questions, and her initiative has resolved timesheet errors quickly without resulting in payroll issues. Thank you, Tamara, for your service and initiative in responding to the immediate needs within Grants and Contracts Accounting! Additional thanks to Pam Currey and Jessica Cheatham.
  • Leona Jones, 6/11/2015 – Integrity – Nominated by Jean Thomas-Banks
    Leona Jones, Program Assistant in the Performance Management Group (PMG) at VCU’s L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs, is to be applauded. Leona is a steadfast co-worker and team player. She consistently makes herself available for the extra tasks that arise from day-to-day. She has a way of prioritizing additional assignments given in an already filled day. She is a value to the school and university with a quiet, strong presence that could easily go unnoticed because she does it with such grace - “as if it was the norm”; but in many instances she has gone above and beyond. For this and more, I express gratitude and appreciation. I applaud Leona Jones.
  • Janet Knisely, PhD, 6/29/2015 – Respect – Nominated by Christine Paine
    My 92 year old Mother-in-Law has just been transferred from a 2 week stay in St. Francis Hospital to a Skilled Nursing Facility. Even though it is the end of the month with much work to be done, Dr. Knisely insisted I leave at 3pm yesterday so I would have a chance to meet with the staff and hopefully the doctor. She was right. I got more information in 15 minutes than I did in the preceding 2 weeks. This is how Dr. Knisely watches over her staff, regardless of how much she has on her plate. She is always respectful and understanding of their problems, shows interest in their welfare and acts in any way she can to help! Much as she treats the problems and welfare of the clients in our program.
  • Florence Johnson, 6/29/2015 – Respect – Nominated by Tammi Slovinsky
    Florence is kind, genuine and honest. I always enjoy seeing her on campus!
  • Adam Caldwell, 6/24/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Kelly Severo
    Adam has been extremely helpful, responsive, and supportive of the Office of Student Success and the MSW Student Success Advisors. Whenever the advisors are challenged with communication concerns and issues with current and incoming students, Adam is always available and quick to respond. He almost always has the answers to our questions and on the odd occasion when he doesn't, we can rest assured that Adam will get the answers to those questions in a very timely manner. Registration for the fall 2015 semester was today at noon and Adam supported our goal in providing informational, preparatory emails to all incoming students before registration to help make the process as smooth as possible for new students. The Office of Student Success is lucky to have such a supportive team player on our side who makes our work a lot easier.
  • Tarra Thomas, 6/10/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Shiori Silver
    As a brand new hire, Tarra has done a fantastic job onboarding me not only to the VCU community, but also the Richmond community as well. Since I had to move from California to Virginia, Tarra has done an absolute job answering any and all questions I may have about my move, community, and living space. In addition, I feel that Tarra has done a great job being attentive to my needs as a brand new employee to the university. Therefore, I would like to thank and recognize Tarra for her responsiveness.
  • Kimberly Woolf, 6/10/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Florence Johnson
    It’s impossible for me to pick a single date with regards to Kim’s consistent, positive and thorough responsiveness. I consider her to be the guru of things financial; banner, eVA and other systems, and though we have never worked in the same division, Kim is always willing to help me. She was referred to me years ago as someone who could advise me regarding an area of procurement processing that I was unfamiliar with and over the years since then, her willingness to assist has never wavered. I would make a hefty bet that there are many others at VCU who agree. Kim has a ready smile in her voice no matter when I contact her. Her customer service is truly beyond reproach. If asked a question she doesn’t have a ready answer to, she offers to call back with that answer, and does. She exemplifies the qualities that help make VCU a ‘Great Place:’ knowledge, hard work and genuine team spirit; a sincere desire to help and, quick responsiveness in doing so. In a word, she’s awesome! I know Kim is not alone in being one of the best and brightest at our institution, and I sincerely hope she will be one of those who are officially recognized for their unique and very real value to VCU. From all of us who work with you Kim, Thank You!
  • Jacqueline Glover, 6/17/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Mark Hicks
    Ms. Glover has done an excellent job in providing not only myself, but other personnel within my department, with very timely and useful assistance concerning the procurement process through eVA/Banner. She is always quick to respond and very kind and friendly, making for both an informative, and enjoyable conversation. It is a pleasure to deal with her, and I am sure she will continue her exceptional service into the future.
  • Arielle Rose, 6/2/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Karen Fields
    Due to a sudden event, our facilitator for the "Timekeeping Policies" course was unable to teach the class. Although Arielle had been promoted to another position within HR, she did not hesitate to step in on short notice to teach the class so that the participants could gain access to the system without delay. Arielle's responsiveness to her colleagues exemplifies the teamwork so prevalent throughout Human Resources. It is a pleasure to work with Arielle.
  • Elise Kepus, 6/15/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Amy Adkins
    I would like to thank Elise for her responsiveness, in addition to unceasing kindness and support, with scheduling and listing the Great VCU Bike Race Book classes. She has gone out of her way to help me with this initiative and, in the rare instance she could not directly do so, contacted others for me to make sure my problems were addressed. Thank you!
  • Krystin Davis, 6/2/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Riki Gottlieb
    Ms. Davis has been extremely helpful since she started working in the SoD office of admissions 4 years ago. She has implemented many initiatives and actively participated in advancing the mission of the school and the university. As Ms. Davis' career evolved, her responsibilities increased significantly. One of her strongest skills are in customer service. She is always willing to help faculty, students and staff, even if that means working harder to get her assignments done on time. A few days ago, I asked Ms. Davis to help me with an unplanned report. She willingly assisted me, although she was working on an extensive project that was due soon. I've changed the report requirements several times and each time asked her to collect more data. She smiled and said she was happy to help. She completed the report without hesitation and before the deadline. She also knew that her other assignment was important and she prioritized her work duties to complete everything on time. It is a great pleasure to have a reliable and responsive employee on my team. I would like to take this opportunity and recognize Ms. Davis with this award.
  • Jerry Helton, 4/17/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Tito Luna
    Mr. Helton responded quickly and effectively to aid VCU's neighborhood outreach office. He immediately contacted vendors to secure mulch for a next-day neighborhood beautification event. When none was available on short notice, he assessed his inventory, secured in-house mulch, and ensured that it was delivered to the right location in time for the event.
  • Valerie RiChard, 4/17/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Tito Luna
    Ms. RiChard responded immediately and effectively to a request from VCU's Neighborhood Outreach office for mulch. It was needed the next day for a neighborhood beautification event. Ms. RiChard realized the sense of urgency and worked with her staff to secure and deliver mulch in time for the event. Her responsiveness helped VCU in its relationship with the Randolph community.
  • Derotha Mateen, 5/26/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Gail Bartee Canter
    Over the years I have had to make several financial requests to Miss Mateen in Procurement Services. Each and every time that I contacted her, she either answered her phone or responded to my call immediately and always resolved the issue that same day. Her customer service skills are exceptional and I want her to know she's appreciated.
  • Jennifer Farrell , 5/26/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Tanya Brown
    Over the course of the past week, Ms. Farrell has assisted the Residential Security Division with personnel actions. She accepted these admin duties without hesitation and handled all tasks efficiently. She is commended for her willingness to support management as well as her positive interaction with potential new hires. Thank you Jennifer!
  • Jeanne Salyer, 5/18/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by KYUNGEH AN
    She has been helping faculty to publish research articles by providing proof reading, editing and making suggestions for change.
  • Angela Starkweather, 5/11/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by KYUNGEH AN
    Dr. Starkweather has been a chair of the department. The way she mentors junior faculty and provide support for the faculty is above and beyond of an average faculty chair.
  • Buddy Weston, 5/14/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Samantha Mitchell-Dix
    Buddy efficiently and effectively provides high quality service to internal and external clientele.
  • Brandon Hoadley, 5/8/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Trescinda Cull
    Brandon programmed, developed a web based budget and commitment system for the Vice President for Research. Through his initiative and skills, he enhanced the unit's ability to track financial obligations over multiple years and tied financial commitments to a budget system. This will greatly improve the understanding of budget vs. expenditures and will assist with long range budget planning.
  • Alison Crehore, 5/8/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Sharon Glenn
    I want to thank Alison Crehore and recognize her for all the hard work that she does in scheduling rooms for all the classes that are being taught in the School of Nursing. This morning I went to her office for some important course information that I needed and she not only took time out of her busy schedule to sit with me and provide me with the information, she did it with a smile. Her hard work, attention to detail and professionalism and kindness deserves recognition and my formal thanks and appreciation. The School of Nursing is lucky to have a hardworking, dedicated employee. Thank you Alison!
  • Melissa Koch, 4/24/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Lauren Mortensen
    I sent Melissa an email about a report that I needed for processing adjunct summer contracts, which I am doing for the first time. Melissa recognized that I didn't have access to the particular report, she could have easily told me that she couldn't help and to contact my HR department about getting access to the report. Instead,she pulled the report for me (and another one that she anticipated I would need), offered to come to my office and train me directly on processing summer contracts, and emailed my HR department about what I would need in order to have access to the report in the future. Melissa's initiative and responsiveness was incredibly helpful and appreciated.
  • Wayne Crown, 2/6/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Amy Olex
    I have been running some computationally intensive programs on our department's VM. After talking with a few others, Wayne was contacted to see if he could allocate a few more CPUs to our machine. Wayne was very helpful, and was able to re-allocate the CPUs quickly. I have been happily using them ever since! Thanks for your help Wayne--it is very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!
  • Kenneth Perdue, 4/8/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Amy Olex
    Ken is the admin for our department's VM, and I have been corresponding a lot with him about it for several months now. I am always delighted by the initiative Ken takes to answer my questions in detail and to provide me with helpful links that explain concepts I am not familiar with. Ken continues to help me understand VMs and servers better so that I can optimize the programs I run on them. Ken, your help is always appreciated and very helpful, so thank you for working with me!
  • J. Adam Craig, 4/8/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Amy Olex
    Adam used to be the admin for our department's VM, and was always responsive and helpful whenever I had questions. However, even now he is still helping me with issues and is wonderful to work with! I really appreciate everything Adam does. Keep up the good work because you are great at what you do!
  • Jason Jacobus, 4/8/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Amy Olex
    Jason has been wonderful in helping to resolve issues with the large storage drive used by our department. Most recently we installed a faster connection between the drive and our department's VM in the hopes of resolving some of the I/O bottleneck issues. There are still some kinks to work out, and Jason has been so responsive in trying to get them resolved. Thank you for all your work Jason! It is really appreciated!
  • Lori Do , 3/27/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Alyson Williams
    In the absence of an administrative assistant, Lori Do volunteered to adjust her workload, position, and schedule. She has been proactive in learning office systems, acclimating to new routines and tasks, and making everyone's day run a little smoother at the CDC. Lori is a dedicated and passionate employee, and I appreciate her flexibility very much!
  • Ashley Akers, 3/17/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Paula McMahon
    Ashley is helpful and responsive to all my scheduling needs. She is willing to be creative and brainstorm with me when I need to envision how to set up a space for the groups that I am working with. She is unfailingly cheerful.
  • John Hutton, 3/18/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Sherry Sandkam
    I want to thank John and recognize him for all of the hard work that he has done in developing and editing Graduate Bulletin copy for all programs in the College of Humanities and Sciences. This has been a lengthy and time-consuming project over the course of the last two years and essential in preparation for the upcoming implementation of the degree audit process for all graduate programs at VCU and for the implementation of the CourseLeaf project. His hard work, attention to detail and professionalism, as well as his good cheer, deserves recognition and my formal thanks and appreciation on behalf of the Graduate School.
  • Jamillah Martin, 3/6/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Jana Avery
    Jamillah exceeded the expectations of her work responsibilities and demonstrated exceptional customer service on the morning of March 6, 2015. Campus opening was delayed until 10am due to inclement weather, and although Jamillah is not part of the on-call rotation, nor was she asked to check the help request system before work hours, she chose to check before 6:00am and discovered numerous requests from students who were unable to get into their Blackboard courses.
  • Predrag Stojanovic, 3/3/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Sean Convoy
    I encountered a problem with my VCU work computer that resulted in 100% work stoppage. Without an appointment, I dropped by Predrag's office to see if he could be of assistance. He immediately dropped everything that he was doing to assist. When the problem couldn't immediately be identified, he was willing to work the problem overnight and offered me a loaner computer. I came back by day's end to find that he was able to isolate the problem (which was very much a "user error") and got me back working in short order. What was particularly exceptional was that he was able to explain the problem to me in such a way as to not make me feel like an idiot (because it was a "user error").
  • Tonya McKinnon, 3/3/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Pamela Duffus
    Tonya responded quickly and was able to resolve my issue.
  • Jeff Smith, 1/5/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Sue McGinnis
    Over the winter break Jeff was the project manager for an AV project here at the School of Nursing. During the holiday, Jeff took the time to keep the vendors on track and focused on meeting their deadline. The project was finished and Jeff made sure that all work met or exceeded customer expectations. It is Jeff's ability to go above and beyond that makes him such a valuable asset to VCU.
  • Julius (Lee) Watts, 2/12/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Jeannie Rummel
    During the week of February 9, Lee created customized compensation/job history reports for Massey Cancer Center to help us analyze budget and compensation history. He worked with specific data requests and created several meaningful reports to help us analyze trends.
  • Jesse Oremland, 2/10/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Samieh Shalash
    Jesse took the initiative to give me access to t4 so that as an editor, I could edit website copy directly within a test site. This is an idea that has been floated for more than a year. Our team can now work much more quickly and efficiently on proofing and launching websites for VCU clients.
  • Tiffany Murray Robertson, 1/29/2015 – Respect – Nominated by Jean Thomas-Banks
    It is with highest regard that I speak of the qualities of Tiffany Murray Robertson who is a pleasure to work with, has a broad knowledge and skill in graphics and communication with an ability to stay calm under pressure. Tiffany brings a good sense of balance to get things done in an exceptional way. She always maintains a willingness to assist you whether in the scope of her skilled areas or stepping out into areas that are not general run of mill for her. She is an asset to any team and believes in supporting community. I applaud Tiffany Murray Robertson.
  • Frank Pitchford, 2/18/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Jean Thomas-Banks
    I imagine it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to work with various people from day-to-day that may not have the same amount of skill and technical savvy with technology, but Frank Pitchford does it daily at the Wilder School. He listens to details to determine your technology issues, even when you may not have the terminology that is appropriate in identifying the problem with your computer or other system problems. He has an excellent sense of humor, is courteous, and balances the work environment that makes it easy to receive his instructions in a way that helps to get the information needed to resolve the technical problems. I recognize Frank Pitchford with a verbal applaud. Thank you.
  • Courtney Lanier Baytop, 2/13/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Jean Thomas-Banks
    Courtney Baytop is organized and provides analytical responses to complex situations. She pays strong attention to details and provides support that is invaluable. Courtney came on-board providing skilled review and recommendations to projects with positive feedback. She provides a well needed eye for the detail and is a valuable team player. I applaud Courtney Baytop and her willingness to bring a well thought out finished product to the table with a different view and in many cases a better result.
  • Tenecia Dixon, 2/19/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Lorna Macleod
    Tenecia is such a wonderful, pleasant and reliable person to work with. I know that I can ask her a question and she will return to me with useful information. I cannot thank her enough for being so reliable and thus making my life easier regarding practical things useful for running the lab.
  • Laura Napky, 2/13/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Kim Flournoy DiJoseph
    Laura has truly been a valuable resource, support, and team player to the Office of Student Success this semester. She has been proactive in problem solving, responsive to a multitude of requests, and had a wonderfully positive spirit throughout what can be a hectic time of the semester.
  • Andrew Daniel, 2/6/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Carolina Wilson
    The office had just closed on Friday, and Andy was just leaving work. I called him before he left the office because I had a flat tire in one of the campus parking lots. My husband was working late, and Andy came to fix my tire in the campus parking lot. Though this act of kindness is not work related, I believe he showed initiative to assist someone in need of help.
  • katedra mitchell, 2/2/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by June Jones
    I would like to recognize Ms. Katedra Mitchell who works in Records and Registration. Katedra is always very prompt and efficient in responding to my request to obtain official transcripts for students who have completed our masters of teaching programs. This is important as the quicker I receive the transcripts, the quicker the student's paperwork for licensure can be processed. She is very pleasant in her communications and a great asset to the department.
  • Predrag Stojanovic, 2/2/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Sharon Glenn
    It is hard to pick a specific date in which I have seen and experienced Predrag Stojanovic be responsive. As a fairly new employee, almost a year now, he always has been responsive and courteous to everyone at the School of Nursing. His friendliness and outstanding customer service, his wealth of knowledge about computers and all related technology and willingness to help everyone made a lasting impression not only on me but others that work in the School of Nursing. He is definitely the type of person and employee that any department or school at this university would be proud to have on their team. He is always willing to take the time out of his busy schedule to answer any questions and fix any problems that we have with our computers or any related technology issues that arise at any given time of the day and he does it with a smile. It is not only his responsiveness, but his integrity and compassion that he has for his love of the type of work that he does and the love of making sure that everyone has the help that they need to do their jobs and make their days go smoothly that make him one special human being and co-worker. I am so proud to call him a friend and co-worker and so very glad that he is on my team.
  • Kayla Watts, 2/2/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Sharon Glenn
    Ms. Kayla Watts demonstrates superior customer service, professionalism, responsiveness, and integrity in her daily responsibilities as Clinical Coordinator for the School of Nursing. She wears many hats and faces many challenges each and every day dealing with the placements of students and obtaining the proper affiliation agreements and documentation with outside entities for student clinical placements. Having said this, she has always been willing to help me and others by showing us more efficient and time saving ways to help us in our day to day duties. She always takes time out of her busy schedule to help. Most recently, she has set up many RedCap surveys for me to obtain the information that I needed for my boss in a time constraint situation. These requests require a lot of extra work and time on her part to help with. She always does it with a smile and never says no. She is always very quick to respond and very thorough with the data. I am exceptionally grateful for her constant willingness to help, and the fast and professional way that she always approaches my request. She is a real asset to the School of Nursing and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer.
  • Jim Vencl, 1/19/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by Suzanne McGinnis
    Jim went above and beyond this weekend assisting the School of Nursing. One of our Echo 360 devices did not successfully upgrade due to an unfortunate oversight on my part. Jim let me know right away that there was an issue with the device. He took the initiative to work with Echo 360 support on a holiday to get our device back and running. The School of Nursing thanks Jim for his initiative and responsiveness - even on a holiday! Thank you so much for the continued excellent application and device support for Echo. You really came through for us, Jim!
  • Adam Craig, 1/9/2015 – Initiative – Nominated by James Vencl
    There was an attack on one of my echo360 server's that was unsuccessful and VCU security was questioning the status of patching against Shell Shock and Adam responded within a matter of minutes detailing the test results of not just this one server, but all server's under his administration for my application (16). The results were excellent and timely. This has become the standard for his performance and just wanted to recognize it again.
  • Kyungeh An, 1/5/2015 – Responsiveness – Nominated by Holly Buchanan
    Dr. An has been instrumental in helping me get off the ground running as a new faculty member at VCU. She has made herself widely available and has consistently touched base and made contact at various points throughout the semester. Her passion for her students and their learning and growth is highly evident and contagious!