Alcohol and Other Drugs

VCU Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources and FAQs

We want our community to have the information they need to make the safest and healthiest choices regarding alcohol or other drug use. However, even if you make the choice not to use alcohol or other drugs, there is a chance that you might be impacted by the substance use of a friend, classmate or family member. Need more info? Review the Health Risks of Alcohol and Other Drugs.

Health Risks of Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD)

The physical effects of alcohol and other drugs are well-documented. However, the risks and effects of these drugs vary from person to person based on factors such as frequency of use, concentration or dosage of substance, the person’s health, etc. Individuals concerned about their health or their own use or the use of a family or friend are encouraged to contact one of the resources listed on VCU Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources and FAQs.

For Staff/Faculty

Employee Assistance Program (or other health care provider)

Refer to the Employee Assistance Program on the Department of Human Resource Management website for links to options provided through state employee health care plans. If not covered by the state employee health benefits program, please contact your personal health care company for EAP options.

Employee Health Services | 804-828-0584

Resource and referral to employee assistance providers and community resources. Refer to the Employee health page on the VCU HR website for more information.

Human Resources Employee Relations Office| 804-828-1510

Resource and referral information. Reach them by phone or by email:

Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy