Alternative work arrangements

Flexible work arrangements for university employees

It is the policy of VCU to support flexible work arrangements for employees as appropriate. Flexible work arrangements include such things as compressed, flex and staggered schedules; reduced schedules and job sharing; and telework. Requests for flexible work arrangements are handled on a case-by-case basis and are granted at the university’s discretion. It is also recognized that circumstances arise in which a temporary flexible work arrangement may be appropriate to accommodate short-term assignments or other circumstances. These informal situations are determined on an as-needed basis between the employee and the manager and are not subject to the formal process for extended arrangements. 

The VCU Telework and Flex Agreement forms (search under ) must be signed by the employee, management and HR representative and placed in the employee’s official personnel file. The manager and employee should also retain a copy.

Current employees can log into InsideHR for details and university technology resources that support flexible work arrangements.

Telework for classified employees

The Virginia Department of Human Resource Management provides teleworking guidelines for classified employees. VCU classified employees and their manager must also complete, read and sign the VCU Telework Agreement on the forms page.