CommonHealth and Wellness

Interested in wellness? Want to participate in university wellness programming? Volunteer to represent your department as a wellness ambassador. Contact Cindi Phares at or call 804-828-1521 to learn how to become a wellness ambassador.

Wellness resources

Well-Being Sessions offered on Physical Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Financial Wellness, and more! Check out the schedule on the Work/Life home page!

Well-Being Blog
VCU HR has a well-being blog that provides information on what is available to VCU employees as well as encourages employees toward living a healthy lifestyle. View or subscribe to the blog here.

Check out all our emotional wellness resources at including RecWell’s Mental Wellness Resource Guide - resources for sleeping, stress management, coping, self-care, mindfulness/meditation, and more!

The Lifelong Learning Institute in Chesterfield is sponsored by VCU, Chesterfield County and Chesterfield County Public Schools, and is a member-supported nonprofit 501c3 organization with a mission to provide lifelong learning opportunities for midlife and older adults through education, fitness, and social activities. An LLI membership is $150 and provides access to unlimited courses for one full year. LLI is currently offering 170 in-person and 40 online courses in the Spring 2022 session.

Whether you are exploring new ways to enjoy physical activity, restore balance to your life, or better manage stress check out current offerings by the David S. Rosenthal Center for Wellness and Health Promotion of Harvard University Health Services. 

Artfulness - Artfulness is a short web based curriculum developed here at VCU to help practice mindfulness and stress relief through the arts. There are 20 art based activities to choose from (and could be great for a whole family activity) Artfulness information

VCU Medical Center Health and Wellness Library

The Health and Wellness Library located on the ground floor of the Gateway Building on the MCV Campus is a free consumer health library staffed by a health sciences librarian. The library is a partnership of VCU Libraries, VCU Health, and the VCU Health Auxiliary. The library offers free access to reliable health information in easy to read and understandable formats, promotes health literacy initiatives, and sponsors health and wellness programs. They can be reached at 804-828-2432

Check out the (free!) app - InsightTimer@Work - a mindfulness program as diverse as your workplace provides meditations and other well-being resources that are specifically for work. Use your VCU email to join the VCU "team" on the app.

Chair Yoga Videos

View chair yoga videos here on the RamStrong webpage.  You can also attend a chair yoga class, held twice a month.  More information can be found on the training website here.  

Outdoor walking routes (Monroe Park Campus)

Hollywood Cemetery (2.5 miles)
Start at Linden and Cary Street, head east on Cary Street. 2 blocks to Laurel St.  Turn right and follow to Albermarle Street, and turn right.  Turn left onto Cherry St. and enter Hollywood Cemetery, on right, follow the main road, Eastvale Avenue and continue to Midvale, bear right and follow to Waterview. Take a left on Waterview and follow along the river bank. Take a left onto Lee Avenue, take a right onto Midvale and follow out of the cemetery, take a right onto Albemarle, take a left onto Laurel St., and take a left onto Cary St. back to Linden.  

Fan Walk (3.0 miles)
Start at the corner of Franklin and Belvidere.  Travel west on Franklin to Stuart Circle (Franklin will turn into Monument Ave.). (.5 miles) Continue on Monument Ave. to the Boulevard (1.5 miles).  Turn around and walk back to Belvidere. 

Outdoor walking routes (MCV Campus)

Capital Walk (1.25 miles)
Start at 11th and Clay St., follow 11th St to Broad St.  Take a left on Broad St. to Governor St.; take a right on Governor and follow to Bank St. Take a right onto Bank St. to 9th St. Take a right on 9th St., cross over Broad St. and follow to Leigh St. Take a right on Leigh St. and right on 11th St., back to Clay St. 

Franklin Street Walk (2.0 miles)
Start at 11th and Clay St., follow 11th St. 1 block and take a right onto Marshall St., follow 2 blocks and take a left on 9th St., follow 9th St. to Franklin. Take a right on Franklin and follow Franklin to N. Adams St. (10 blocks).  Take a right onto N. Adams St., go 3 blocks to Marshall St., take a right on Marshall and follow to 11th St., turn left on 11th St. back to Clay St.

Tredegar Street Walk (3 miles)
Start at 11th and Clay St., follow 11th St. to Broad St.  Take a left on Broad St. to Governor St., take a right on Governor and follow to Bank St. Take a right onto Bank St. to 9th St. Take a left onto 9th St. and follow to Cary St. Take a right on Cary St., follow to 5th St., take a left on 5th St. and head down the hill to Tredegar St., take a right on Tredegar and follow until you are under the Lee Bridge. Turn around and head back down Tredegar and take a left on 5th St.  Follow 5th St. all the way to Marshall St. Take a right on Marshall St. and follow back to 11th St., take a left on 11th St. and end at Clay St.


CommonHealth is administered by the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM). This initiative provides health and wellness programs to state employees, including VCU faculty and staff and their covered family members over the age of 18 living in their homes. Wage employees and retirees are also eligible for participation.

Programs cover a wide range of health and wellness subjects and are presented in a variety of formats - including onsite programs and video presentations - that make it easy to participate. The programs are educational and fun, and they help employees stay fit and healthy. Employees do not need to be enrolled in the state health benefits program to participate in CommonHealth programs and services.