Financial fitness

VCU HR offers monthly financial fitness classes. Visit the RamStrong events page for more information.

Virginia Credit Union

Are you a member of the Virginia Credit Union? VCU faculty and staff are eligible to join the Virginia Credit Union and save. You and your family can take advantage of low-cost, convenient financial services and many free financial education resources. To join, visit or call (804) 323-6800. 


Financial Webinars

Did you know VCU faculty and staff have access to numerous financial webinars from Fidelity Investments, TIAA, Virginia Credit Union (VACU), Virginia Retirement System (VRS) and more! There are many live and on demand sessions including:

  • Making gifts to loved one and charities
  • Market Insights: New Developments, What to Consider, and Top Questions Answered
  • Follow the 15% Rule
  • Select How Your Savings are Invested
  • Managing Debt during COVID-19
  • Managing Holiday Finances

Also, VCU HR Work Life does monthly virtual live financial sessions. Check it all out on the VCU HR Work Life website

Check out some upcoming webinars below.


TIAA's Financial Essentials Live Webinars 

Get information on upcoming webinars and register at These webinars are open to everyone!

You can also view previous webinars now on demand by logging in as a guest at


Fidelity Webcast Hub

Practical conversations to help you live well financially, today and tomorrow – webinars from Fidelity

Now available:

  • Market Insights: New Developments, What to Consider, and Top Questions Answered
  • Your Retirement Transition: Go From Saving to Spending
  • Make an Impact with Your Charitable Giving

And so many more on Preparing for Retirement, Managing Life, and Saving & Investing

Fidelity Investments – Well-being & You

Explore Ways to Manage your well Being through the COVID-19 Resource Center

  • Money – Managing your finances
  • Health – Maintaining physical and mental health
  • Work – Staying productive at work
  • Life – Adjusting how we live

Follow the 15% Rule:

Virginia Retirement System (VRS): 

Don’t let an unexpected expense catch you off-guard. Take the new myVRS Financial Wellness course, setting up an Emergency Fund, to learn how you can prepare for life’s financial surprises. You have access to an entire curriculum of financial wellness courses, articles, tools and more directly through your myVRS account. Visit to learn how the financial knowledge you gain and the steps you take today help you build the future you imagine.


VRS DCP Online Regional Education Meetings

Register today for an online Commonwealth of Virginia 457 Deferred Compensation Plan Regional Education Meeting or a virtual one-on-one with your Defined Contribution Plans Retirement Specialists

Learn More About Your Retirement Options 

VRS 457 & Cash Match Plans Overview
What is a 457 Deferred Compensation Plan? How about a Cash Match 401(a) Plan? Learn about how these plans help you build your retirement future.

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Select How Your Savings Are Invested 

VRS Plan Investments
Do you find investing confusing? Learn about asset classes, diversification and the three investment paths available to you.

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How Do I Withdraw My Money in Retirement? 

VRS 457 & Cash Match Distribution Options
Retirement on the horizon? Understand the various distribution requirements and options under your 457 and 401(a) plans.

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Personal Individual Account Review 

One-on-one appointment
Need assistance? Sign up for a 30-minute virtual one-on-one with a Defined Contribution Plans Retirement Specialist.

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Virginia Credit Union

In times of economic uncertainty, it’s essential to focus on what you can control. In “Surviving In Today’s Economy,” we’ll share tips on increasing your value in the workplace, cutting expenses, boosting savings, and reducing debt. Watch now»