Tobacco cessation

VCU offers students, faculty and staff tobacco cessation programs at no cost. Benefits of becoming a non-smoker include:

  • Improve your chances for a longer life
  • Look and feel healthier
  • Smell better
  • Feel more energetic
  • Breathe easier and be able to exercise
  • Save money
  • Protect those around you who may be harmed by your smoking, especially if you are pregnant or around children

Trying to Quit Tobacco and Nicotine Products?

As a newly tobacco-free campus, VCU has made an effort to supply VCU faculty, staff, and students with an array of resources to not only encourage them to resort to a tobacco-free lifestyle, but also to sustain a tobacco-free lifestyle. If you are struggling to quit tobacco and nicotine products, remember that it is okay to quit at your own speed. It will take practice and patience throughout the entire journey, but the results are a fantastic motivation to keep going. Not only is VCU HR here to support you through this difficult change, but your doctor is there to support you and provide you with any FDA-approved tool that best fits you. Right now, at the VCU HR office on the Monroe Park Campus, as well as Employee Health in West Hospital on the MCV campus has prepared bags with different resources you may want to help with your road to recovery.

A few of the resources that VCU provides are phone numbers that anyone can call to seek more information about quitting tobacco and nicotine products and starting a track to a happier healthier life. Not only do you have VCU supporting you through this, but the state of Virginia has a few local resources to your disposal as well.

The road to recovery is going to a bumpy one, but with the resources that you are given below as well as help from the HR Building located on 600 W Franklin Street, we know it will all be worth it in the long run.

VCU Resources: 

  • Human Resources, 828-0177
  • The Wellness Center Resource Center, 828-2086
  • Student Health Services, 828-8828

Local Resources:

For more information, visit