Mediation and grievance procedures

Mediation and problem solving

Mediation provides an option to help resolve work-related conflict. Whether a problem developed last week or over a longer period of time, mediation offers two people an opportunity to discuss issues in a confidential atmosphere. To facilitate conflict resolution and problem-solving, VCU Human Resources offers staff and faculty mediation programs. Learn more about this process.


Grievance procedures

The employee grievance procedure is a conflict resolution method available to non-probationary classified employees. Please note that eligible employees have 30 calendar days from the date an action occurred — or date of knowledge of an action — to initiate a grievance in writing. Failure to comply with all provisions of the procedure can result in closure of a grievance.

VCU Employee Relations specialists are available to confidentially assist employees and supervisors with the grievance procedure if informal attempts to resolve a problem are not successful. The specialists provide neutral monitoring of the grievance process and advise participants on procedural matters such as:

  • Who is eligible to file a grievance?
  • Can the expedited process be used to address this concern?
  • Who can help draft the written complaint or response?
  • Who are the correct respondents for a particular area?
  • What actions must be taken if an employee or manager doesn't follow the process correctly?
  • What actions must be taken and what are the timeframes in order to remain in compliance with the procedure?
  • Can an employee or manager have assistance at the grievance meetings?

If an employee initiates a grievance, VCU Employee Relations staff will provide information to the appropriate managers about the grievance process to ensure the steps are followed correctly. Both the employee and manager are asked to provide copies of the grievance forms and attachments at each step of the grievance process. Compliance reminders are sent from Employee Relations if either side does not follow the procedure in a timely manner.

More information is available in the Commonwealth of Virginia's grievance procedure manual, which is available on the website of the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM), the state's central human resource agency. For confidential assistance, contact VCU Employee Relations at