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Faculty and staff: 
For pay, leave and personal information, log onto the myVCU Portal and click on “eServices/VCU Self Service” under General Resources. See also the Banner self service guide under VCU HR guidelines. Note the following important information about changing your address:

  • Employees who receive employment benefits through the Commonwealth of Virginia's Health Benefits Program must also change address information in Employee Direct (eDirect). New users can create an account by entering your Employee Number, the 7-digit number listed on your health benefit card. Select "health benefits enrollment and information" to update information. The system will update healtchare and flexible spending account plan administrators. Questions? Contact VCU Benefits

Personnel administrators, fiscal administrators and timekeepers:
Visit eServices and click on “Banner Forms (INB)” to log in.

VCU Reporting Center

Personnel administrators, fiscal administrators and timekeepers: log onto the myVCU Portal and click on “VCU Reporting Center” under General Resources.

Use the HRIS Report Request to request a new report or request changes to an existing one.

Payroll detail report: 

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Personnel Action Form (PAF) reference guide

Express hire

Faculty rank, tenure status and title

  • PEAFACT: instructions for updating faculty rank and tenure status 

Instructions for all ePAFs

Adjunct contract renewal (AJREN) 


Decentralized funding changes (instructions)

Graduate assistant renewal (GREN)

  • GREN: ePAF instructions  

Supervisor (SUPUP)

Terminations (TERME and TERMJ) 

Timesheet ORG 

Work-study renewal (WREN)

  • WSREN: ePAF instructions  

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