Family and medical leave guidelines for managers

Step by step instructions

  1. Employee notifies manager of need for FMLA or manager learns of possible FMLA situation.
  2. Manager meets with employee in person or by phone to discuss FMLA situation. Manager either gives or mails a copy of FMLA process to employee, including the following:
    • FMLA request form to be completed by employee (see VCU HR forms search).
    • Notice of FMLA eligibility form to be completed by manager. FMLA medical certification form for employee’s own serious health condition or for family member’s serious health condition appropriate certification to be completed by attending physician and returned to personnel administrator, manager or HR Leave within 15 days of date on FMLA eligibility form.
  3. Employee completes and returns FMLA request form to manager.
  4. Employee completes and returns FMLA medical certification form within 15 days.
  5. Manager informs timekeeper and personnel administrator that employee has requested FMLA.
    • Manager gives all FMLA forms to personnel administrator or timekeeper as soon as completed forms have been received.
    • Timekeeper or personnel administrator sends copies of completed FMLA forms to HR Leave as soon as received.
  6. Manager contacts either personnel administrator or timekeeper to verify employee is eligible for FMLA.
    • Personnel administrator or timekeeper reviews information in Banner to determine if employee has worked at least 12 months and has worked at least 1,250 hours during the 12-month period prior to the start of FMLA leave.
    • If employee is determined not to be eligible for FMLA, manager informs employee.
  7. Manager retains copy of FMLA request form and Notice of Eligibility form until employee returns appropriate medical certification form.
  8. Employee sends completed medical certification form to department or to HR Leave at
    • If employee sends medical certification form to HR Leave, that office will notify personnel administrator when medical certification form is received.
    • Personnel administrator notifies manager that medical certification has been received.
  9. Manager completes Designation of FMLA form (see VCU HR forms search) and either gives or sends a copy to employee. Manager must mail this form no later than 2 business days after medical certification is received.
  10. Manager sends originals of FMLA request form, medical certification form, Notice of Eligibility form and Designation of FMLA form to personnel administrator for further processing. Personnel administrator places originals of FMLA forms in a designated record area separate from department’s personnel file. (FMLA forms cannot be placed in employee personnel file.)
  11. Personnel administrator works with timekeeper and HR Leave to record time accordingly.
  12. Employee provides manager with return-to-work notice from employee’s health care professional before employee can return to work. Manager provides return-to-work notice to personnel administrator who sends it to HR Leave for processing.

Related forms

VCU's FMLA Request form (see VCU HR forms search)
FMLA medical certification form for Employee's Serious Health Condition
FMLA medical Certification form for Family Member's Serious Health Condition
FMLA Designation Notice


For help in completing FMLA forms, employees should consult with the department personnel administrator. For help with questions about medical certification, please call (804) 828-1712 or email