PA Certification

Note: The current PA Certification curriculum is currently under revision as part of the Great Place: HR Redesign. An updated series of courses will be available for registration in Spring 2018.

The Personnel Administrator certification program is a comprehensive series of training modules addressing the human resources competencies necessary for VCU personnel administrators to successfully perform their jobs as HR liaisons. Competency areas of concentration are hiring, benefits, compensation, performance management, information systems and processes, employee relations, and learning and development. PA Certification is required to obtain Banner and HR security access. It also provides an opportunity for technical, compliance, policy and general skills enhancement.

Fill out the PA Certification form (search VCU HR forms search) to enroll, then register for one of the required or elective courses listed below at

Required courses and electives for PA certification

  • PAC001: Hiring at VCU

  • PAC004: Benefits overview  

  • PAC005: Understanding and avoiding the grievance procedure  

  • PAC006: The employee’s role in the performance appraisal process  

  • PAC007: Standards of conduct

  • PAC009: Conflict resolution

  • PAC010: Consulting skills for PAs 

  • PAC011: Threat assessment and violence prevention

  • PAC012: How to get things done when you’re not the boss

  • PAC013: Managing personal and professional change

  • PAC016: VCU mosaic - Exploring and appreciating diversity at VCU (required for PA certification)

  • PAC017: Stress management

  • PAC018: Career planning and development at VCU

  • PAC020: Teambuilding  

  • PAC021: Customer compass: navigating service excellence at VCU (required for PA certification)

  • PAC022: Effective interviewing (formerly, Behavioral interviewing)  

  • PAC023: The art of negotiation

  • PAC024: Living the VCU values (required for PA certification)

  • PAC025: Electronic Communication

  • PAC026: Difficult conversations

  • PAC027: Understanding the disciplinary process

  • PAC028: Facilitation skills

Available to those who wish to take refresher courses (not required)

  • PAA005: Personnel actions - case studies

  • PAA006: Leave policies and applications

  • PAA007: Preparing for the new employee