Standards of Conduct
Rules of personal conduct and standards of acceptable work performance have been established for classified employees. The full text of the Commonwealth of Virginia's Standards of Conduct (policy 1.60) is available online. Any violations may result in formal corrective disciplinary action or a written notice. Supervisors should confer with an Employee Relations staff member before issuing a written notice so that the action planned follows appropriate procedures. For confidential assistance with due process notifications, written notices, suspensions or other aspects of the disciplinary process, contact Employee Relations at emprel@vcu.edu or (804) 828-1510.

Extraordinary contributions
Use the acknowledgement of extraordinary achievement form‌ (search VCU HR Forms) to recognize your employee’s performance of his or her duties and commend exemplary accomplishments and performance. An employee must receive at least one acknowledgment of extraordinary achievement during job performance to be eligible for an overall extraordinary achiever rating on the performance evaluation conducted in the same performance cycle. Receipt of one or more acknowledgment forms does not automatically entitle an employee to the “extraordinary achiever” rating or to any other type of recognition award.

Notice of improvement
To start the unsatisfactory performer process, you must attach to the evaluation form at least one notice of improvement needed form‌ (search VCU HR Forms) and/or copy of the written notice to support a rating of “unsatisfactory performer.” An Employee Relations staff member will contact you to assist with the required re-evaluation process for an employee rated “unsatisfactory performer.” An employee who receives at least one notice of improvement needed during the performance cycle may receive an overall “unsatisfactory performer” rating on the performance evaluation conducted in the same performance cycle. Receipt of one or more warnings does not automatically warrant an “unsatisfactory performer” rating.

Note about employee performance evaluation appeals:
Employees have the right to file an appeal if he or she disagrees with a supervisor's evaluation. The employee may appeal in writing to the reviewer within 10 workdays of receiving the evaluation. The reviewer should respond in writing to the employee within five workdays. The reviewer has final authority to determine the overall performance level rating and appropriate evaluation comments.