Workforce transition

Exit interviews

PA's will send separating employees the link to the university's online exit survey, as soon as employees submit their notice of departure to their supervisors. 

The exit survey is designed to obtain input from the exiting employees regarding supervision, working conditions, benefits, training and promotional opportunities within their division and the university. Employees also are encouraged to offer suggestions in areas they feel could be improved. Responses are confidential and are not included in employees' personnel files. VCU Human Resources reviews responses to monitor trends in employee satisfaction. Before submitting the survey, employees can indicate if they wish to speak directly with a member of the VCU Human Resources Office of Employee Relations.  

Unemployment compensation

Under the provisions of the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Act, an employee who becomes separated from his or her job may be eligible for unemployment compensation. See unemployment compensation under benefits. 

Layoff procedures

When it becomes necessary to eliminate a position due to budget constraints or reorganization, managers are guided by two state policies – layoff and severance benefits. Following is an overview of the provisions of those policies that may apply. 

Layoff notification
Employment options before layoff begins
Employment options while on layoff
Layoff benefits and severance
Leave balances while on layoff
When layoff benefits cease
Employee responsibilities during layoff