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Employee discounts
Planning your summer? Take advantage of discounts for VCU employees. Travel, theme parks, tickets and other discounts are available. Learn more

July 3: payday reminder, VCU open
Please note, the next scheduled payday is Monday, July 3. As a reminder, VCU is open and running on a normal schedule on Monday, July 3 to accommodate our summer academic calendar. The additional time off has been moved to cover part of the 2017 VCU winter closing. See the full 2017 Payday and Holiday Calendar.

Great Place: HR Redesign 
VCU’s new HR plan is designed to attract and retain talented individuals and teams to help VCU achieve its strategic goals. Learn more about the Great Place: HR Redesign policy and submit questions on the FAQ page. New questions and answers are posted here regularly.

Making it real

As the premier urban, public research university in Virginia, VCU’s mission is to advance knowledge and student success. Recruiting and retaining a progressive and diverse faculty, staff, and senior leadership with the skills and talents to advance quality teaching, learning, research and creative expression supports our mission. Learn more about VCU’s leadership, history and Quest for Distinction strategic plan.

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