School and Unit HR Contacts

HR Professionals within each school or unit provide localized human resources guidance and support. Having one or more dedicated human resources staff for each school or unit ensures that HR support can be tailored to the unique needs of each VCU department.


Administration, Division of 
Allison Wetterhahn

Arts, School of (including Qatar)
Ryan Ellington

Athletics, VCU          
Grace Blevins 

Audit and Compliance Services
Dana Henry-Jones

Business, School of
Christina Hansen 

Community Engagement, Division of
Whitney Brown

Continuing and Professional Education
Becky Aycock

daVinci Center, School of Business         
Christina Hansen 

Dentistry, School of
Greg Council

Development and Alumni Relations, Office of
Carolyn Lee

Education, School of

Lanee Prentice - Dean's Office 

Melinda DeBrew - Partnership for People with Disabilities 

Katie McColgan - Rehabilitation Research and Training Center 

Engineering, College of
Meredith Stockman

Enterprise Marketing and Communications
Dana Henry-Jones

Equity and Access Services
Dana Henry-Jones 

Facilities Management
Tricia Lomax

Finance and Budget, Office of the Vice President for
Lauren Guthrie 

Global Education Office
Annie Wade 

Government Relations
Dana Henry-Jones

Graduate School
Annie Wade 

Health Professions, College of
Kristen Rasmussen

Health Sciences, Office of the Vice President for
Angie Johnson

Honors College
Annie Wade

Human Resources
Allison Wetterhahn

Humanities and Sciences, College of
Danielle Hairston

Institutional Equity, Effectiveness and Success, Office of
Dana Henry-Jones

Institute for Contemporary Art
Ryan Ellington 

Libraries, VCU
Robin-Renee Johnson 

Life Sciences, VCU  
Annie Wade 

VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center
Karen Graham 

Medicine, School of

Meredith Lane – Dean’s Office 

Denise Mitchell – Clinical Departments 

Ann-Marie Taranto - Basic Health Sciences

Nursing, School Of
Demmie Pennix

Ombudsperson, Office of the        
Whitney Brown

Parking and Transportation
Tricia Lomax

Pharmacy, School of
Avian Goldsmith

Institutional Research and Decision Support (IRDS)
Whitney Brown

Blair Trimiew

President's Office
Dana Henry-Jones

Provost, Office of the
Whitney Brown

Real Estate Services
Blair Trimiew

Research and Innovation, Office of the Vice President
Amanda Martens  

Safety and Risk Management
Allison Wetterhahn

Social Work, School of
Annie Wade 

Strategic Enrollment Management and Student Success
Justin Yeaman 

Student Affairs, Division of
Ijuanzee Isom

Technology Services
Blair Trimiew

University College
Annie Wade

University Counsel
Dana Henry-Jones

VCU Online
Becky Aycock

Wilder School
Franklin Wallace