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To inspire those with responsibility for others to bring out the best in individuals and teams by aligning the interests and strengths of leaders to accomplish the University’s strategic priorities. The Leadership career community supports ongoing professional development, mentoring, and networking, so those with responsibility to lead others have the skills and resources to create the kind of work environment where employees feel valued, where their success is supported, and their careers thrive.


Chair: James Wasilewski

Chair-elect: Samara Reynolds

Communications coordinator: Carrie Connolly

Communications coordinator-elect: Ashlyn Anderson

Learning coordinator: Michal Zivan Coffey

Learning coordinator-elect: Vacant

Mentoring coordinator: George Kelly

Mentoring coordinator-elect: Brooke Berry

Networking coordinator: Mallorie Burkett

Networking coordinator-elect: Thomas Mattauch



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Email: leadershipcc@vcu.edu