VCU HR Strategic Plan

One of VCU's many strengths is our employee excellence driving achievement of uncommon goals. VCU HR supports the employees who make amazing things happen for our students, patients, and community. 

The VCU HR strategic plan sets forth the department's priorities for calendar years 2024 through 2026. The plan was developed in alignment with Quest 2028 and the Division of Administration Mission and Guiding Principles, incorporating feedback from staff surveys, listening sessions, and the VCU HR community. By organizing the plan into three high priority areas with many sub-projects, we remain agile and responsive to future needs as they arise.

Elevating HR Service and Operational Excellence

Driving service excellence to new heights through an unyielding pursuit of innovation, efficiency, and customer service.

Goals & Outcomes

  • Strengthen HR benefits & leave service delivery by reimagining this element of employee onboarding and providing additional sources of employee information regarding benefits and leave.
  • Implement internal program management protocols to ensure consistent and quality program design, management and reporting.
  • Continue and strengthen the staff survey program & resultant action planning, ensuring that staff feedback remains a key driver of HR program and service updates.
  • Optimize and upgrade VCU HR workspaces and infrastructure to better support HR staff in fulfilling their roles to the greatest effect.
  • Complete the HRIS process improvement project, saving time and money, and clarifying process roles.
  • Expand service delivery agreements and articulate our shared governance plan to build stronger supportive relationships with departmental HR staff and improve consistency of HR service across VCU.
  • Optimize existing HR technology and processes to enhance information consistency, transparency, security, and accessibility.

Enhancing the Employee Experience and Organizational Capabilities

Strengthening VCU's organizational culture through an unwavering commitment to improving the employee experience across the university.

Goals & Outcomes

  • Design and deliver learning opportunities strengthening emotional intelligence, improving performance management, and supporting career development.
  • Instill the culture of care and appreciation in order to increase staff sense of appreciation and belonging, and to enhance employee and manager relationships.
  • Work with key stakeholders to ensure consideration of DEIB in HR programming, policies and procedures.
  • Support underrepresented groups and address barriers to employment in our community through the Richmond Community Workforce Development program.
  • Implement a skill rotational program within VCU HR to develop and advance staff, and ensure agility and continuity of operations.
  • Drive the Research and Innovation job family project, designed to analyze and make recommendations focused on recruitment and retention strategies for research jobs in order to better position VCU to grow its research enterprise.
  • Enhance the new employee experience and onboarding initiatives via hybrid delivery of onboarding content and continuous program evaluation to ensure employee orientation activities meet the needs of our modern workforce.
  • Augment employee well-being programs in collaboration with Employee Health and other university departments.
  • Partner with the Office of the Provost on faculty data management to enhance accuracy, quality, and timeliness of updates.
  • Support Student Success initiatives focused on student employment by assisting with data gathering and resource sharing, strengthening opportunities for students to have a meaningful work experience at VCU.

Executing Core HR Functions

Continuing to provide unparalleled programs and service through comprehensive and effective execution of core Human Resources functions.

Goals & Outcomes

  • Fulfill all core functions of VCU's human resources management plan in the areas of benefits and leave, employee relations, compliance, HR information systems, organizational effectiveness, learning development and organizational culture, compensation and workforce strategy, specialized recruitment and retention support, executive search, project management and support, career development, and supporting department and unit HR staff and leadership. These core functions are foundational to VCU HR's commitment to making VCU a "great place to work".