Employee training and policy review


Review policies

Print the new employee training and policy checklist. Read the policies. Complete required training in the timeframes listed below. Sign the document and return it to your department HR associate to include in your personnel file. 

Code of Conduct

Read the VCU Code of Conduct and complete the Integrity at VCU Onboarding course in Talent@VCU within your first 60 days of employment.

Additionally, during your first year of employment, and annually thereafter, you will also be prompted to complete Annual Integrity and Compliance Education in Talent@VCU. Graduate assistants and postdocs complete this training in Canvas. You are not required to do anything to receive the prompt for training, but please review any emails from talentadmin@vcu.edu to ensure you do not miss training notifications. 


Please note: To search for trainings in Talent@VCU, click the "learning" tab and then select "learning search." Search for the training using keywords below.


Required, one time, within 30 days:

Title IX Training 


Required, one time, within 60 days:

Integrity and Compliance at VCU for New Hire

Online Safety Awareness Orientation


Required, one time, within 90 days:

Virginia Terrorism and Security Awareness Orientation

Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events 

Virginia State Employee Safety and Disaster Awareness Training


Strongly suggested, one time, within 90 days: 

Get There Safely: Pedestrian Safety on the VCU Campus



VCU Information Security Annual Awareness Training. This training must be completed by all employees once every year as scheduled by VCU IT. When prompted, log into Talent@VCU to find and complete the training.