Career Pathing

Career pathing is the process of aligning opportunities for employee career growth with available talent within the organization. This process helps employees map out their career trajectory to see the next best steps in their career. The initiative will provide employees with an actionable, technical, skill-based, and competency-based plan to grow and develop in their current job family or a different job family of interest at VCU.

The career pathing process is driven by the employee and their skills, knowledge, abilities, interests, and career objectives. At its core, the career pathing program aims to increase employee retention by painting a clear picture of what the employee's individual career development could look like at VCU. The program not only assists employees and managers with career development discussions but also helps the university analyze the makeup of its human capital.

Career paths are available for each job series listed within VCU's job families

All staff take online training to learn how to effectively utilize Career Pathing @VCU tools and resources:


    • Employee awareness of options for career movement
    • Visibility into how employees' skills and knowledge transfer to new roles
    • Enhanced employee career growth & development
    • Lifelong education and enrichment


    • Increased organizational support of employee career development
    • Employee engagement with technology and innovation
    • More flexibility and freedom for employees
    • Boosted retention of top talent at VCU

Diagram of the career pathing project

The foundation of the VCU HR plan is a university-wide job structure that groups jobs by function using a standard set of job titles. Most titles have three levels (e.g., Accountant 1, Accountant 2, Accountant 3). 

Career paths provide opportunities for employees to advance through their careers by gaining competencies and experience to support their current role, as well as aspirational roles within or beyond their current job series or job family. Different career tracks are designed for individual contributors with deep subject matter expertise distinct from those who aspire to a supervisory, management or leadership role. 

Managers can support and reward employees as they progress through their career path. This is accomplished through the Talent@VCU career development plan as part of the annual performance review process. Employees work with their managers to create an annual career development plan that addresses personal and career development needs related to the employee’s current position or to prepare the employee for future career interests and aspirations. The plan identifies specific development opportunities to help the employee obtain knowledge, skills, and abilities in the coming year. At the conclusion of the year, during the annual performance review process, the employee and manager discuss progress made against the prior year plan and develop a new career development plan for the year ahead. 

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