Talent@VCU recruiting

VCU has moved to a new recruiting platform for faculty, staff and non-benefited positions. Talent@VCU recruiting utilizes the Cornerstone onDemand talent management platform that VCU HR currently uses for performance and learning management. Combining these three critical components of human resource management into one platform has allowed us to streamline our processes and will provide an opportunity to track an employee through their entire lifecycle at VCU.

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Talent@VCU recruiting

User guides

All Talent@VCU recruiting user guides for VCU Human Resources users, approvers, search committee members, etc. can be found on the "help and guides" page in Talent@VCU:

Help and guides

Support opportunities

The VCU HR Service and Support tool assists in managing support tickets for Talent@VCU recruiting. Simply select “Submit a request” and then click on “Talent@VCU recruiting.”

VCU HR Service and Support tool