Hiring and retaining individuals with a disability

In a world of the common, we are the uncommon. That's because we do things others can't – or won't, like ensuring individuals with disabilities are treated fairly in the hiring process.

Virginia Commonwealth University is committed to attracting, hiring and retaining individuals with disabilities (IWD), which is an important component of VCU’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity. VCU recognizes that IWD brings an extraordinary array of skills and training to the workplace.  VCU is dedicated to being an employer of choice for IWD. Important information, myths, and resources provided below are intended to help departments understand the value of hiring IWD, as well as how and where to recruit IWD. Some content was adapted from the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management.

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The MAP method – best practices for recruiting and retaining people with disabilities:

  • Market your career opportunities or agency
    • Get Involved with Disability Inclusion programs and services
    • Provide disability-friendly job postings and interviews
    • Host or attend career fairs or conferences dedicated to people with disabilities
  • Accommodate and be flexible
    • Facilitate a disability-friendly workplace culture
    • Evaluate facility, workspace, and website accessibility
    • Promote interactive discussions with candidates and employees regarding accommodation needs
  • Plan for success
    • Establish and promote workplace mentoring and job shadowing opportunities
    • Educate and inform managers and employees on processes for requesting and determining accommodations