Culture of Care and Appreciation

As VCU employees, we share a collective responsibility to create and sustain an environment in which we can be our best physical, mental, social, and emotional selves. In a culture of care and appreciation, we are all seen, heard and valued as fellow human beings who work together for the success of VCU students, patients, faculty and staff. Quest 2028 provides direction and alignment on what we do together at VCU; the culture of care and appreciation is a framework for how we do it.

What does this look like?

We all make decisions every day that sculpt the world around us and impact our colleagues. To sustain a culture of care and appreciation, there are a number of values, intentions and behaviors to keep in mind as we strive to be our best selves at work. Read more below or download the VCU Employee & Manager Profiles here.

Ongoing Efforts

VCU HR continues to incorporate the culture of care and appreciation into our programs and services. 

  • We conduct surveys, manager town halls and listening sessions to hear feedback from staff at all levels.
  • The career development and performance management processes include resources that support staff success, including career path frameworks for almost all job titles and a SMART goal library.
  • We focus on VCU culture and building connections in a hybrid work environment through University Orientation, Manager Orientation, and quarterly in-person networking events for new employees.
  • The Manager Toolkit provides an ongoing resource for managers to access important information.
  • A curated collection of resources on resilience supports employees and managers in using resilience to navigate challenging times. 
  • The SMART Goal Library helps staff identify goals by showing examples of how to select and write goals for each position at the university.

Showing Appreciation

Want to learn more about how you can show appreciation for your colleagues (and receive some in return)? Here are some recommended resources on how to show appreciation in the workplace:

Contact Us

For questions or more information on university-wide culture of care and appreciation initiatives, contact Penny McFarline at
To learn more about the culture of care and appreciation in your school/unit, contact your HR Professional.