Flexible work arrangements (FWA)

The university recognizes that flexible work arrangements (FWA) are an important part of being a Great Place to work. FWAs provide employees with the flexibility to be successful on and off of the VCU campus.

Approved FWAs are in effect through January 31, 2023. Current FWAs may remain in place and should be renewed after Jan. 31, 2023 in conjunction with the performance evaluation and annually thereafter. Managers and employees should meet to discuss the FWA before renewal. All approved FWAs will be in effect for 12 months unless the manager determine there is a performance or business need for a change to the FWA. Managers should provide advanced notice to an employee if the existing FWA will be altered. 

For classified employee telework information, scroll to the bottom of this page and click the "telework for classified staff" dropdown box.


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Developing flexible work arrangements