Learning and development at VCU

The Learning, Development and Organizational Culture (LDOC) department offers a variety of training, professional and career development opportunities to VCU employees. The unit supports the mission, values and strategic goals of the university by: 

  • Overseeing new employee and new manager orientation.
  • Designing and delivering in-person and virtual training, learning programs, and professional development courses.
  • Partnering with departments and units across VCU to achieve a variety of leadership, management and team skill, competency and performance-related goals.
  • Overseeing the learning management system (LMS), part of the Talent@VCU platform.
  • Assists units with group and organizational development.
  • Collaborates closely with other HR departments, including Employee Relations, in the pursuit of employee success and development. 


Meet the LDOC team 



   Leslee Gensinger

   Learning and development manager



   Jeremy Bost

   Leadership development program manager


   Karen Fields

   Learning, development and organizational culture training administrator

Headshot of Executive assistant


   Rosalind Harris

   Executive assistant

Headshot of Learning instructional technology coordinator


   Travis King

   Learning instructional technology coordinator

Headshot of Organizational development specialist


   Penny McFarline

   Organizational development specialist

Headshot of Learning, development and culture specialist 


   Shana Ryman

   Learning, development and culture specialist


Contact LDOC

Email: learndev@vcu.edu