Did you know that community service leave is one
of your many benefits as a VCU employee?

Community service

Eligible faculty and staff (with or without children) are provided with paid community service leave (up to 16 hours) each calendar year to meet with public or private school officials about their children, attend school functions in which their children are participating, perform school-approved volunteer work in a public school or to participate in volunteer community service organizations.

In addition, to the 16 hours (2 days) paid community service leave, University and Academic Professionals are further granted an additional 16 hours (2 days) paid time off to engage in volunteer service activities sponsored through VCU or VCU Health either individually or as part of a group. 

VCU Division of Community Engagement

VCU Division of Community Engagement has resources and tools you can use to support our VCU Health and community partners to connect, innovate, and keep on partnering. These include virtual volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved on a local, national, or global scale. Visit their website for more information.

Contact Us

For questions regarding community service leave, enhanced community service leave, or these leave benefits, contact VCU Leave Administration at leave@vcu.edu.