Management and leadership development

VCU's expectation and goal is that good leadership exists throughout its workforce. VCU supports managers in their leadership development and expects managers to participate in training and educational opportunities that contribute to sustaining, enhancing and improving their leadership skills.

Other resources include experiential learning, 360 feedback, coaching, mentoring, networking and team-based simulations to solve real problems. It is the expectation of the university that managers participate in such activities on a regular and ongoing basis and schedule at least one such development opportunity each year. Managers are also expected to adopt practices that develop and reward leadership throughout their area.

From these expectations, two critical competencies have been identified for effective leadership at VCU: leading others and leading change. The university's leadership development curriculum is designed around these competencies so managers have the support and resources they need to be successful in living up to the high standards expected of those who serve in these challenging roles.


The Leadership Career Community exists to inspire those with responsibility for others to bring out the best in individuals and teams by aligning the interests and strengths of leaders to accomplish the University’s strategic priorities. The leadership career community supports ongoing professional development, mentoring, and networking, so those with the responsibility to lead others have the skills and resources to create the kind of work environment where employees feel valued, where their success is supported, and their careers thrive.