Dorris Douglas Budd Award 

Established in 1981, the Dorris Douglas Budd Award is named for a staff member who worked in the office of the Vice President of Administration from 1951 to 1981. Mrs. Budd, who passed away in 2009 at the age of 90, inspired this award. It honors a VCU or VCU Health administrative office support staff member who demonstrates exemplary performance. and enhances the image and mission of VCU and VCU Health. 

Who may be nominated for this award? This award recognizes a full-time administrative support staff who is reliable, able to make decisions within the scope of their authority, is innovative in their jobs, knows where to find answers within internal and external "connections", is service oriented, shows pride in both VCU/VCU Health and their job, and has demonstrated professional growth. For this award, typical eligible job titles for University and Academic Professionals include Assistant and Coordinator titles and for classified employees eligible administrative job titles in pay bands 1-4. Please include any significant contribution the nominee has made to VCU or VCU Health. An employee who was nominated in a previous year, but was not chosen as the award winner, may be nominated again. However, a new nomination and new supporting documentation must be submitted.

Who can make the nomination? Any employee of VCU or VCU Health who has a thorough knowledge of the candidate's strengths and accomplishments, however, individuals may not nominate themselves. It is not appropriate to nominate a family member, spouse, or partner.

Prepare the text of your nomination in advance. Please be sure to address all award criteria including specific statements to substantiate your nomination. If you need assistance with the nomination form, please contact  

Get support. Nominations should be limited to the nomination form and must include at least two recommendations or testimonials received from others based on the award criteria. These can include, but are not limited to: a letter of support, a quick video, an email, a pdf, or completion of the optional generic testimonial form included in the Google nomination form.

Deadline for nominations. The nomination site will open on February 15 and close on March 15. Incomplete (those without the required number of recommendations or testimonials) or late nominations will not be considered. 

All nominees and nominators will be invited to attend the annual Service Recognition Celebration. The winner will be announced there. The winner will receive $2,000, a framed certificate, and their name added to the Dorris Douglas Budd Award plaque located in the President's Conference Room.

The nomination site will open on February 15 and close on March 15. You can access the nomination site here.


2021 Dorris Douglas Budd Award Winner

Crystal Finegan, MCVP Trauma Program



 2021 Nominees included:

  • Kelsey Cappiello, English, College of Humanities and Sciences
  • Crystal Finegan, MCVP Trauma Program
  • Amie Knapp, Life Sciences
  • Corey Martin, Psychology
  • Jo Murphy, Department of Forensic Science
  • Nancy Veney, Ob/Gyn

Past winners

  • 2020, Grace Albritton, VCU, Center for Community Engagement and Impact
  • 2019, Betty Arkwright, VCU Health, Department of Radiology
  • 2018, Margaret Poland, VCU School of Dentistry
  • 2017, Deborah Wamsley, VCU Health, Mother/Infant Care Unit
  • 2016, Susan Beavers, VCU Health, Wound Care Team
  • 2015, Shirley Beavers, VCU Health, Cardiac Surgery ICU
  • 2014, Debbie Teconchuk, VCU Medical Center, Clinical Enterprise Administration
  • 2013, Deborah D. Van Buren, VCU Department of Communication Arts
  • 2012, Wanda P. Clary, VCU Humanities & Sciences & Science, Technology & Society (STS) Program
  • 2011, Patricia A. Pleasant, VCU School of Education
  • 2010, Deborah L. Weir, VCU School of Medicine
  • 2009, Kimberly A. Christman, VCU Department of Radiology
  • 2008, Suzanne C. Havasy, VCU Department of Health Administration
  • 2007, Linda S. Johnston, VCU Department of Music
  • 2006, Deborah L. Stewart, VCU School of Medicine
  • 2005, Laurette (Anderson-Conyard) Anderson-Gray, VCU Medical Center Administration
  • 2004, Gilda R. Harris-Howard, VCU Department of Internal Medicine
  • 2003, Michelle Craighead Wise, VCU Research - Institute for Structural Biology and Drug Discovery 
  • 2002, Karen S. Moss, VCU Stony Point Administration
  • 2001, Miriam L. Mayhew, VCU Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  • 2000, Dorothy M. Winfree, VCU Employee Health Services
  • 1999, Linda S. Pontius, VCU School of Business
  • 1998, Debra B. (Doyle) Cody, VCU Department of Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery
  • 1997, Vera E. Wilkerson, VCU Department of Internal Medicine - Cardiology
  • 1996, Patricia G. Carr, VCU School of Allied Health Professions
  • 1995, Marquita C. Aguilar, VCU School of Education
  • 1994, Lila M. (Patterson) Garlick, VCU School of Social Work
  • 1993, Monica L. White, VCU School of Allied Health Professions
  • 1992, Mary L. Swartz, VCU Department of Psychiatry
  • 1991, Janet H. Mundie, VCU School of Medicine
  • 1990, Vickie W. Boss, VCU Medical Center Food/Nutrition Services
  • 1989, Brenda E. Wyatt, VCU School of Nursing
  • 1988, Shirley W. (Jones) Moss, VCU Community/International Programs
  • 1987, Carole E. Harwell, VCU School of Nursing
  • 1986, Lila M. Patterson, VCU School of Social Work
  • 1985, India D. Urbach, VCU Human Resources
  • 1984, Nancy (Knowles) Belcher, VCU School of Allied Health Professions
  • 1983, Gwen M. Parker, VCU Department of Theatre
  • 1982, Jane H. Crawley, VCU School of Social Work