Clinical faculty

Clinical faculty hold academic appointments with Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and are separately employed by MCV Physicians (MCVP), which is the faculty practice plan of VCU Health. VCU and MCVP are separate employers. Each employer pays a separate salary and offers its own range of benefits to clinical faculty. VCU benefits are administered by VCU Human Resources. MCVP benefits are administered by VCU Health Human Resources. Please be sure to contact the correct HR office for questions regarding each benefit.

A summary of benefits is provided below. For more detailed information, see the VCU and MCVP Benefits Chart (PDF). Learn more about clinical faculty benefits through VCU. For more information about benefits provided by MCVP, log into the VCU Health Intranet or contact VCU Health System Human Resources.  

Contact Us

For questions or additional information about your VCU benefits, create a service request or call (804) 827-1723.

To reach VCU Health HR about your MCVP benefits, call (804) 628-HR4U or email