2019 updates

Form W-4 updates: The IRS released the 2020 Form W-4. Many changes stem from the federal tax law changes that took place in 2018. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is not requiring all employees to complete the revised form, only employees hired in 2020 and anyone who wishes to make a withholding change during 2020. VCU Payroll recommends that employees perform a “paycheck checkup” to decide whether adjustments are needed to your current withholding. The IRS provides a Tax Withholding Estimator tool for this purpose. It is helpful to have a copy of your most recent pay stub and tax return. The estimator will most likely be updated to account for the 2020 tax tables in early January 2020. Note: If a new Form W-4 is not submitted to VCU Payroll, withholding will continue based on the previously submitted form. Review the 2020 Form W-4 VCU employee tutorial to learn more. For additional information, visit the IRS Form W-4 FAQs


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2018 updates

Withholding rates
Changes to Federal Income Tax Withholding will be reflected beginning with February 16, 2018 paychecks. Employees with specific questions related to personal tax liability should seek advice from tax professionals. Additional information is available from the IRS, including a withholding calculator. VCU’s payroll system has been updated to reflect the following changes:

  • The flat tax rate on supplemental wages up to $1 Million has been changed from 25% to 22%.
  • The annual amount to add to a nonresident alien’s taxable wages prior to calculating withholding has been increased from $2,300 to $7,850.
  • The withholding allowance per exemption has been increased from $4,050 to $4,150 (annually).
  • The Single (including Head of Household) and Married tax tables have changed.

Tax changes and moving expenses
Please note that due to the recent tax changes (see Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) moving and relocation expenses paid by VCU on behalf of an employee must be reported as part of the employee's gross income. These expenses are subject to tax withholding. 


Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a condition of employment for all university employees paid by VCU Payroll Services, as mandated by the Virginia Department of Accounts (which will assess fines for paper checks). Direct deposit promotes automation and streamlining efficiencies by offering employees faster access to their pay and the additional security, convenience and flexibility of electronic banking. If you do not currently have an account at a financial institution, you must obtain one in order to meet this condition of employment. Otherwise, there will be a delay in receiving your paycheck. Please contact VCU Payroll at to access the direct deposit form.

Log into the myVCU portal and click "eServices/VCU Self Service" for information about your pay including payment method, gross pay, net pay, and deduction information. Direct deposit should become effective the next available pay period after VCU Payroll receives your completed authorization form. 

Tax forms

For fast, safe and easy access to your W-2 statement online, you must give your eConsent (you only need to give this once, not every year). Employees who do not give their eConsent will be mailed a paper copy of their W-2 statement by the end of January (to comply with federal law). You can give your eConsent at any time -- even after your paper W-2 statement has been mailed. 

For those who do not give their eConsent, paper copies of the W-2 statement will be mailed no later than the last day of January (to comply with federal law) to the home address listed in the Banner system. For more information about tax forms, see the explanation of W-2 box amounts.