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View the 2023 timekeeping and payroll processing schedule (PDF)

View the 2024 Timekeeping and Payroll Processing Schedule

Payday and holiday calendar

Visit the paydays and holidays section for the calendar and dates for previous, current and future years.

Paydays and holidays

Mileage rates

Looking for mileage rates? Visit the IRS website to see the latest updates on mileage rates for the current year.

IRS website

2024 updates (for 2023 tax year)

  • W-2 statements are now available:
    • Electronic W-2 statements: VCU employees who have given their eConsent may view and print their 2023 W-2 statements online. Log on to VCU e-services. Click the "Employee" tab, followed by "Tax Forms, Electronic W-2 Earnings Statement." Consent remains in effect until revoked by the employee.
    • Mailed copies: Paper W-2 statements have been printed and are being mailed.
    • For assistance understanding your W2, consult the W-2 Explanation 2023 document.
  • International Employees who wish to apply for treaty or tax benefits for 2024, please click on this link.
  • For student tax information, see the student tax guide.
  • View the prepaid card fee schedule (PDF). Please note these fees may change from time to time.

Contact Information

For questions or additional information, contact Payroll Services at (804) 828-0740 or