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What is Talent@VCU?

Talent@VCU is your online home for learning, performance management and career development. Talent@VCU supports VCU's performance management process (beginning Fall 2017) by helping managers and employees work together to set goals and monitor progress throughout the year. The system improves transparency and keeps employees informed of changing goals, but more importantly, it ensures that employee progress does not go unnoticed. University-wide training for Talent@VCU begins Fall 2017. Log into Talent@VCU at: go.vcu.edu/talentatvcu

Guidelines and user guides

Performance management guidelines

Performance management goals template

Talent@VCU introduction and how to enter goals instructions

Talent@VCU align and approve instructions

Talent@VCU training timeline.


Video tutorials

How to enter S.M.A.R.T. goals

 How to align and approve your goals