Staff Survey results

AVP HR Listening Sessions - 2023

In August and September 2023, Alison Miller, Interim AVP for Human Resources, conducted listening sessions to hear feedback from staff on what HR programs and services are working well and what can be improved. The slides provided below share a high-level overview of the themes from the sessions, as well as HR action items as a direct result of employee feedback. 

AVP HR Listening Session Overview

Annual Employee Survey - 2023

The survey was conducted in August 2023. Understanding the drivers of employee retention is mission-critical because it impacts our ability to achieve all other strategic goals through data-driven workforce planning. VCU HR conducts this survey annually to learn what is most important to our employees.

Employee Survey University-Wide Results 2023

Two-minute survey for VCU staff 

VCU HR conducted a two-minute survey in December 2022 with all salaried staff.  The feedback aims to facilitate meaningful discussions with staff regarding employee engagement, cultivating an inclusive culture of care and appreciation, and supporting a climate that encourages critical thinking, innovation, compassion, collaboration and continuous learning. 

Review the Survey Results (PDF)

Annual Employee Survey - 2022

The survey was conducted in April 2022 and aimed to deepen our understanding of the most important elements of the employee experience, given the changes occurring in the past two years. The results provided a greater understanding of staff priorities and effective responses to this information will improve employee retention, critical to achievement of our recalibrated Quest strategic plan. 

Review the Employee Survey Overall Results (PDF)

Staff & manager events 

September 15, 2022 (Session 1) & September 19, 2022 (Session 2) - Staff focus group meetings with employees 25-30 years old with 1-3 years of Experience 

VCU HR hosted two online focus group meetings with targeted VCU Staff 25-30 years old with 1-3 years of experience. The sessions were held in response to the staff survey in April and high turnover rates among this specific demographic. Staff participated in small breakout groups with one primary facilitator and responded to 8 directed questions. The facilitators provided a short debrief on the overall themes in combined group session.

Review the focus group results (PDF)




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