Staff Surveys

Staff surveys are conducted three times per year to helps us understand how staff are feeling about their work experience at VCU. By observing these trends, we can be better prepared to pivot our offerings to stay aligned with staff needs. Occasionally, VCU HR will conduct surveys on specific topics on an as-needed basis.

University-level survey results are posted below. MBU-level survey results are shared individually with MBU leaders and HR Professionals. Staff interested in learning more about their MBU-level results should contact their HR Professional.

Manager Town Halls

VCU HR manager town halls provide space for managers and VCU Human Resources leaders to engage in a collaborative conversation about management best practices, culture of care and appreciation, university-wide staff survey data, shared experience from university leadership and other timely and relevant topics. 

  • Town Hall Overview - October 2023

Listening Sessions

Alison Miller, Interim AVP for Human Resources, hosts small group listening sessions for VCU staff once per semester. These sessions provide a direct line for staff to speak with HR leadership about what HR programs and services are working well and where there is room for improvement. A high-level overview of the session's themes and HR action items as a direct result of employee feedback are published below.

Feedback Form

Do you have additional feedback or recommendations for how we can continue to make VCU a great place to work? Fill out our feedback form to share your thoughts.